Thursday, August 1, 2013

Your Daily Ralph 8/1/13 Post vacation/con letdowns

So I returned home on Monday from Pulp fest which was an amazing experience and a great, fun time.

Coming home I took an extra day and wandered through Pennsylvania, completely avoiding New York City. I'm not even sure how many extra miles I did avoiding it, but whatever it was it was worth it.  So I arrived home and that night ran out to dinner with my mother who wanted to buy me dinner for my birthday which had been Saturday. Of course something I ate at Chili's basically gave me food poisoning of some kind. It turns out (And I'm not even sure this is what I had) that there is some kind of bug going around in bagged lettuce. Of course I had a salad (Buffalo chicken Salad) that I've had a million times before. I came home and work up Tuesday morning feeling sick as a dog. I had something important to do Tues. as well. I was so sick though it was difficult even getting out of the car. When I got home it turned out I had a 101 deg. fever. I couldn't believe it. My stomach was a complete mess both Tuesday and Wednesday. The fever finally relented late in the day yesterday, but to this point today I'm still slightly queasy. So welcome home Ralph!

I'm currently reading one of the books I bought at Pulp Fest called 'Mars McCoy, Space Ranger, Vol Two' It's my kind of book. Action packed and just plain fun. Some would call it silly, but then I wouldn't care much for the thoughts of those that would. It's pure escapism with no ulterior motive, which is how I like my reading. It's Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon and Star Wars and Star Trek rolled into one. I like it, a lot. I'll be reviewing it when I finish it.

It seems that a lot of you like 'The Cagliostro Chronicles' . I've had unprecedented sales of it since I released it last week.  It's by far the best selling title I've written, so I must have done something right. Like Mars McCoy it's a sci-fi actioner, but it's set in the not too distant future just as mankind finally breaks the light speed barrier. When that barrier is broken is when the real story begins as the Cagliostro and its crew begin to track down and break through a conspiracy reaching back over a century into earth's past. What they uncover there will imperil the entire planet and will begin a race against time to save everyone on earth from a dark and awful fate. If the crew of the Cagliostro cannot unravel the depths of the mystery, conspiracy and danger that surround the earth like a closing claw of evil, mankind itself will not survive! The Cagliostro Chronicles is available at 

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