Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Your Daily Ralph~What are you YOU thankful for?

So? What are you thankful for? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have to say I'm thankful for a few things. Family, friends, pets etc.

Tomorrow now also signifies the turn into high gear for the shopping season. Sadly, the Thanksgiving holiday is now all but forgotten as the corporations that own these big stores are breaking up families on a (basically one step below sacred) holiday. This should not be allowed and should not happen. yet they entice the shopper with deals that cannot be missed. I went today into wal mart to buy a carpet shampooer. the one I wanted was $150. But there was none on the shelf. I called an employee over, he looked it up for me and told me to come back Friday, it will be $98. I said huh? You mean I have to come back I can't even buy it for full price today? His answer was no. And he recommended I actually come in at 6 PM tomorrow, thanksgiving night. So now if I want the carpet shampooer I was more than happy to pay full price for I have to come in either Thanksgiving night or Friday when they will probably be gone. They force us in to get what we want. It's deplorable. The employees do not want to be there, they want to be home with their families. The shoppers sure as hell do not want to be there unless they are masochists, and plenty of those exist. So now what? Do I wait a few days and just pay full price or do I save $50 and go stand in line like a Salmon waiting to swim upstream?

Anyway lets talk creativity. Last night was a just special I was trying to write and fell asleep at the keyboard three times while barely getting 800 words done. So I went to bed...and then laid there for an hour unable to sleep. I mean really? I got up, watched 'Agents of SHIELD' from te beginning because I had missed half of it earlier. I hit the hay again at 3 AM and slept through the night> Luckily the night before I wrote 3200 words so I'm still on track. Maybe tonight I'll surpass that number too.

I'm awaiting the cover and the edits on My Enemy, Myself right now. The sequel to Redemption of the Sorcerer. Hopefully it will be printed up and available before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I think, I'm going to run a special on my books if bought directly from me. I have to work this out yet , but I'd like to be able to offer any of my books with a personalized autograph for $15 including shipping. How does that sound? Let me know at if you like the idea of that, and I'll work out the logistics of it all.

In the meantime I did an interview with Angies Diary

Don't forget, everything about me is up on my website at

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Your Daily Ralph~New Book Releases for the week of 11/25/13

New Releases for the Week of 11/25/13

 Gunfighter Gothic: Thanksgiving at the House of Absinthe & Steam
Kindle version:
If anyone wants a pdf copy for free, they can just send me an email to
Synthetic, Electric Romance
 Sarina Rubik is madly in love. Her guy Cylus is a broke down, Tank-Class Sentinel who loves her back with his every circuit. Yet Sarina, prone to trouble, walks right into a conspiracy on the Morningstar planet Gear. Why are fembots vanishing? Who is the Shredder? Most of all. What are the green skinned Humanoids that lurch around in Volt's shadows?


ARIA: Returning Left Luggage

Just a heads up, we have a new group called Readers Wanted! For readers of Scifi,fantasy and pulp!
If you are looking for a new book to read or to chat with the aurthor of any book you find on that page, this is the best way to do it. Join that group and get the lowdown on all new releases as well as past books you may  have missed.  
As always if you have a book being released, send me the cover photo , marked the same as the books name, The name of the book, and a link to where it is available. If you want to ad a short blurb, as Rodney Johnson did above that is fine too. Operative word is 'Short' though.
Okay Happy Thanksgiving everyone, and Happy Chanukah to our Jewish friends as well. See you next week and don't eat too much!


Monday, November 18, 2013

New book releases for the week of 11/18/13

The new book release list  for 11/18/13
Just a couple of notes before we start, in your emails please mark as the subject  "New book release list" and also please name your cover jpg. the same as your books title. If you book is called 'Ozzies baseball cap.' that should be the name of your cover photo as well, not simply 'Cover photo'  Thank you.
And now without further adieu, the new book release list for the week of 11/18/13

Control Spell Crisis (The Dark Servant Book 15)

  Jackson and Eva

Dragon Story: Tale of a Cursed Journey
 'Elya's Tale Part I:On the Run'
Deadly Retribution (printed on order) (ships immediately) (for Nook only)
New Orleans By Gaslight


And that's it for this week folks, for next weeks list please start sending your emails with your books name, a cover photo marked as the name of your book and the links to where it is available to
Thanks and have a great week! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Review of Mike Baron's 'Skorpio'

A Review of Skorpio

By Mike Baron


I read the book ‘Skorpio’ by Mike Baron, he of comics fame from such characters as ‘Nexxus’ and ‘The Badger’.

Mike’s ‘Skorpio’ is a different type of story from I am used to from him in that it was a horror tale focusing on a terrible, ghostly creature of vengeance in the American Southwest. The book starts off a little slow, but it was still interesting. The main character (Or hero, though he was almost an anti-hero) was a professor named Vaughn Beadles. Who is framed for a tyheft at the university he worked for and fired as well as disgraced. He loses his family over it, as well as his home, his car-basically everything. There is a girl whose story is running parallel to Beadles. She is beaten by her drug dealing/drug addict boyfriend. Who is also a failed MMA fighter.

The first 40% of the book is a bit slow, but once you get past that it pops into high gear and a very nicely woven story comes together.  I ended up reading the final 60% of the book in a day or so, including the final 20% of it in one sitting. Let’s just say it held my attention.

Within this book you will find ghostly monsters as well as other apparitions that walk the American plains. To me though the most horrifying things were the creatures that followed title characters commands. Let me put as one of my favorite all time characters would, ‘I hate snakes!’ and you can add Scorpions to that as well.

Just so you understand, it is a horror story, not a heroic tale. Beadles is kind of a fool in a lot of ways, and it seems he understands that as well before the stories end. The end of the conflict is a bit clich├ęd for my tastes, but all in all I liked it quite a bit. The epilogue chapter tied things up nicely, as well as leaving a new sense of dread.

Four and a half out of five stars.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Your Daily Ralph Editing , revisions and eternal rewrites 11/14/13

I finished up proofreading my soon to be newest release,  'My Enemy, Myself, The Crystalon Saga, Book Two' last night. Then today I ran a spell check on the whole thing. It took about two hours to spell check it, at least. And of course I found stuff that I missed on the proofreading pass. I'm also sure if I proofread it one more time I'd find more stuff to change. Monday it goes to my editor who is freaking brilliant. she'll flesh out what changes I need to implement, if any.
Yeah 'if any'. I know there are going to be changes , I just know it. No matter how careful I am and how driven ( I am VERY driven with this my writing.) Deborah always find stuff that could work better, and that's why I invest in editing with her. I think she's great. Having a book professionally edited costs money, but it's worth it. I learned my lesson after that debacle I had with publish America last year. I was so embarrassed by what they put out there with my name on it. Finding Deborah was the best thing that could have happened to me and my books.

'My Enemy, Myself!' takes place two years after 'Redemption of the Sorcerer' and the core characters have grown and changed a bit in that time. They now embrace a new mission of proactively seeking out sorcerous threats around the world and dealing with them.

But when a threat comes to them from a totally unexpected source, with an even more shocking and unexpected messenger,  the world of Crystalon is thrown for a loop. What follows is a deadly adventure between dimensions with very deep ramifications for the master sorcerer, as well as the former kingdom and universe he used to rule.

To say the stakes have never been higher or more dangerous for Crystalon and his companions would be an understatement. They are fish out of water, with his friends never even imagining they would be so far from home. The enemies come after them one after another with a deranged madman orchestrating everything that is thrown at them. Will they all survive? Will any of them survive? If Crystalon does not win this epic struggle against his foe, his former kingdom will be a very changed place. It will literally be hell on earth and we all know who rules in hell.

Look for 'My Enemy, Myself' coming soon from Ralph L. Angelo, Jr. and Cosmic Comet Publishing!

Read the first adventure of Crystalon available at Amazon here at Also available on nook at 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Your Daily Ralph-New book Release list for the week of 11/11/13

Below are the new book releases for the week and the links to them.  
Brother Bones- Six days of the Dragon
And as a $3 downloadable PDF from our website.
Rabbit Heart
Dark Recollections:

Alone No More:  (Still listed twice, once for Kindle, once for paperback) 
The Wrath of the Orphans
Zeppelin Tales
Ratfish  Schlock Drive-In Tales

Your Daily Ralph ~ Anger against the trolls

A few weeks back I ran a rant against kickstarter programs for novels. It's one of my pet peeves. The original post can be found here:

I noticed there was a comment on there today that I looked at and as per usual with the internet, there was a reply from someone hiding behind a fake identity lambasting me for my comments. And of course his reply ended up in a personal attack. It figures. This is exactly what I expected to get when I wrote the post. I did not write anything inflammatory, I simply laid out why I am against kickstarters for novels and why I won't participate in them. Now if the man hiding behind his keyboard would have made his case respectfully I would have had no problem with his reply, but he had to throw a jab in there at the end. With that he lost any credibility he might have had. He claims to have never heard of me and that's all well and good, but no one knows who he is because he's hiding behind a fake name. He claims that kickstarters are good for publicity. Really???  THAT'S what he's counting on for publicity??? There are a hell of a lot of better ways to get noticed than to beg others for money for a novel that you're too impatient to wait until you have the money out of pocket to publish.

But of course doing a publicity campaign the right way requires a couple of dollars, and this guy would just end up starting another kickstarter  to pay for his advertising costs.

Again as I said in my original post, I can see the use of kickstarters in regards to comic or movie projects (Veronica Mars kickstarter raised ten million dollars to produce a movie based on the old TV show) which are MUCH more expensive. But a novel? No.

Sorry "Kermito" but your argument lacks merit. Especially since you added a jab in there at me personally.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Your Daily Ralph! Updated interview and review links for my books

Interview links

These are links to interviews I’ve done about my books.










My interview for the Cagliostro Chronicles :



My Interview on the Time Warriors site. book link site

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Your Daily Ralph: The New Book releases for the week of 11/4/13

We begin the week with a couple of Halloween tales of terror and then return to our normally scheduled list of pulpy things. 
The Halloween Terror of Weatsboro

The Hollow
The Hollow (Kindle ebook)
Chicago Fell First
Jar Baby
Pieces of you
Swamp Walloper (Fight Card)

Friday, November 1, 2013

Your Daily Ralph~ 11/1/13- Challenge yourself!

Tuesday night I did just that. I decided to challenge myself and write a short story in 24 hours. The goal was 5,000 words and to have it published on kindle at the end of the 24 hour period. Well, the story started to progress and when you write a story, especially a short one there's a lot to get in in a small amount of words or pages.
So my 5,000 word story became almost 11,000. I finished it about 28 hours into the marathon writing session (Yes I slept 7 hours in between) . It worked out to 2,000 words from 10 PM until 1 AM Tuesday night. Sleep until 8 and back to it about 10 AM. I basically wrote all day long until about 2 AM wed night. The funny part is I think I screwed up my right wrist  now as I woke up today with pains in it. I did nothing but hand out Halloween candy yesterday, so I know it was not related to anything else.
Now I finished the book at 2 AM wed. night (Or thurs. morning if you prefer) and did a quick edit when I got up thurs. and quickly published it to Kindle. I wrote a Halloween horror tale with monsters out to make a long standing black magic spell come to fruition. I could have gone much longer with this thing, and it could have ended a very different way if I had, but I left it relatively short. at 32 pages (According to the kindle program) and I like it. It's a good. scary Halloween tale that's not graphic blood and gore crap, but instead its more of a monster Vs. the townspeople tale with some very modern tweaks . You'll have to read it to see what I'm talking about. It's a fun little story that you'll enjoy very much. (I hope) It's called ' The Halloween Terror of Weatsboro' and it's available right here:   Http://

In other news, Amazon decided to put the Cagliostro Chronicles on sale right now for $2.48 which is cool as you save .51 cents off of the kindle edition. I have no idea how long this sale will last, but you might want to grab a copy of the kindle edition if you haven't already while it's at its much lower price.