Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Novel Idea!

I recently sold my first novel to the same company that printed my previous book. I must be insane, because I've already started another. My goal here is to write 50 pages a month and to actually be finished in 5 months as opposed to the years the last one took. "Redemption of the Sorcerer, The Crystalon Saga, Book One" is the recently finished book and is about a man who is hated by his people. He is powerful beyond imagining in his universe. A Universe based on magic, not science. Over the years he has lost sight of his goals and his rule, and has become a despot, though he has always meant well. His people over throw him and he is sent to a parallel universe. A universe that looks very much like our own. One where magic does not exist. At least it's not thought to exist. Once there he discovers a plot by an unknown foe to rule that world and its people by magical and demonic means. You have to read it to see how and if 'Crystalon' saves the world or gives in to his baser desires and failings once again. The just started work is entitled "Torahg the Warrior" and is a Sword and Sorcery piece set sometime in the dim and distant past. It follows a Prince whose fathers kingdowm is over thrown by the Kings older son, Torahgs brother. When we first meet the Prince he is young and bright, full of life and hope and wonder. There will be a lapse after the first few chapters of 12-15 years and we will see a VERY different Torahg at that point. This book will not be about redmption but instead about revenge. Now a question to my writer friends out there: Have you ever noticed that sometimes setting up a scene to get to the scene you want to write is far more difficult then actually writing what you intended in the first place? As always you can reply to me via email @ dominatr37@optonline.net Thanks all, Ralph