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Ralph's Rants-Interviewing Bobby Nash!

Bobby Nash Interview

Spring 2016

Hello all and welcome to Ralph’s Rants. Tonight we are interviewing my friend and probably the busiest guy in adventure fiction writing today-the highly prolific Bobby Nash!

Hello Bobby and welcome once again to Ralph’s Rants; how are you?

I’m great, Ralph. Thanks for having me back on Ralph’s Rants.

Great to have you back here, Bobby. Let’s get right into it. What have you been up to in the past year? What releases have you had?

Oh, you know me, I’ve been keeping busy. 2015 actually felt light in terms of releases. Moonstone Books released The Black Bat Returns anthology in both paperback and hardcover as well as releasing a hardcover edition of my Domino Lady “Money Shot” novel. My first Pro Se Signature Series: From the Pen of Bobby Nash release, Freelancer: The Traveler Sanction was released as an ebook. There were also a few anthologies like Dark Oak Press’ The Big Bad II, New Legend Productions’ Earth Station One Tales of the Station, and Red Bud Studios’ All-Star Pulp Comics Volume Three (featuring a Lance Star: Sky Ranger comic story).  Speaking of comics, I had a story appear in AC Comics’ Big Bang Universe #1 that I wrote almost 20 years ago (this one was a long time coming, huh?). 2015 also saw the premiere of mine and Rick Johnson’s Operation: Silver Moon graphic novel from BEN Books. The biggie though, was the graphic novel adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ At The Earth’s Core I did with artist Jamie Chase for Sequential Pulp Comics and Dark Horse Comics.

I was also in a movie, a horror/comedy called Camp Massacre (originally titled Fat Chance). I played Clark Wagner in that movie and had some lines and action, including a fight scene and a death scene. It was fun. I also appeared as an extra next to Jim Carey and Jeff Daniels on Dumb and Dumber To for a few seconds (you get a good look at me).

Okay, so maybe 2015 wasn’t as light as I originally thought.

I know every project is exciting in its own right, but what project in the past 12 months really moved you to complete it ASAP?

The deadline for the upcoming Domino Lady: Threesome comic book series was really quick because we needed to get the scripts to the artists as soon as possible. I turned those around pretty quickly. Same goes for the Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady short I wrote for the upcoming trade paperback collection. Both are pretty exciting.

What is your newest release, Bobby?

The most recent release of mine is The Black Bat Returns anthology from Moonstone Books.

Tell us all what it’s about?

The Black Bat is a pulp hero who is former District Attorney, Tony Quinn. He was blinded by a crook, but regained his eyesight thanks to one of those amazing pulp twists. After his recovery, he kept up the appearance of being blind in his civilian identity so no one would suspect him of being the marauding crime-fighter called The Black Bat.

My story in this collection is called “Dead by Dawn.” In it, hired mercenaries ambush District Attorney Tony Quinn and Carol Baldwin while the crime-fighting duo are out enjoying a relaxing night on the town. The hired guns thought it would be an easy assignment, taking down a blind lawyer, his socialite girlfriend, and their driver. Little did they know that the former DA is also the masked vigilante known as The Black Bat... and The Black Bat is prepared to show them the error of their ways.

Who are the main characters and what makes them so special?

The Black Bat is Tony Quinn. Like most pulp crime-fighters, he’s a stalwart hero out to stop evil wherever it rears its ugly head. He does this with help, including his girlfriend, socialite crusader, Carol Baldwin and his driver/valet, Norton “Silk” Kirby.

What era does it take place in?

The Black Bat’s adventures take place in the 1940’s, I believe. It’s been a little while since I wrote it, but it takes place during that magical pulp era from the 30’s to the 50’s.

What setting? What I mean by that is what city/state?

The story takes place in New York City during the winter. There is snow in the forecast.

What is the story about? We don’t need heavy detail, but enough to intrigue our readers to rush out and pick up your book.

Someone (I’m not telling who) has hired mercenaries to attack the limo carrying Tony Quinn and Carol Baldwin and kill them. Little did these men realize that Quinn was also the Black Bat. Together, Quinn and Baldwin take on the bad guys, but which one of them are they truly after? And why?

Is it open ended or is it a one shot novel or story?

“Dead by Dawn” is a short story for the anthology so the story gets wrapped up at the end.

What have you got planned for the rest of the year as far as releases go that you can talk about?

Well, 2016 looks to be another busy one, which is good. There are already some completed stories just waiting to be released.

The Sherlock Holmes/Domino Lady trade collection arrives in stores in April from Moonstone Books. This collects the Domino Lady/Sherlock Holmes comic book by myself and Nancy Holder as well as Nancy’s story from Domino Lady: Sex As A Weapon, a holiday special, and a new Domino Lady/Holmes story by me.

The Domino Lady: Threesome comic book series begins in May. Nancy Holder and I co-write the first two issues and then I take over solo with issue 3. This is also from Moonstone.

There’s also more Domino Lady goodness coming with a new prose anthology that I’m contributing a story to for later this year from Moonstone.

My second Pro Se Single Shot Signature Imprint- From The Pen Of Bobby Nash is coming up too. It is called Crimson Moon, the first part of a continuing adventure from pro Se Productions. There will be a third later in the year as well.

2016 marks the 10th anniversary of Lance Star: Sky Ranger and we have 3 Lance Star projects coming out this year from both Airship 27 Productions and BEN Books including a novel. Stay tuned for more on that when I get the okay to talk about it more.

After an unfortunate delay (hey, it happens), The Ruby Files Volume 2 will be released this year. More great Rick Ruby detective goodness from Airship 27 Productions.

Strong Will is a graphic novel I co-wrote with Michael Gordon. It should also be out this year from New Legend Productions.

I have also been assured that Snow Storm will be released in 2016. Stay tuned on that front.

Plus there’s the usual assortment of goodies I either can’t talk about yet or simply don’t know about yet.

Let’s talk about conventions; you are the busiest convention goer I know of. How many are you doing this year, including what you have done already?

I love conventions. They are so much fun, exhausting, but fun. Due to a few issues, not the least of which is my busy writing schedule, I will be doing fewer cons this year. I’ll probably still do at least ten this year, but many of them are small or one day shows.

You obviously get very involved with the marketing of your books. Do you feel conventions are a big part of that?

Oh, absolutely. Cons are a great way to get my books in front of an audience as well as interact with fans and potential fans on a face to face basis. It is a great opportunity to put a friendly face to the books as well. Plus, I like meeting new people and I’ve made some great friends at cons.

It’s just the way the business works these days. We have to do the bulk of marketing and promotion ourselves. I try and come up with interesting ways to get the word out about the books and see if I can attract new readers. It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it.

What else is upcoming or in the planning stages for the future, Bobby?

There never seems to be any shortage of work on my plate. There are three novels that have to be completed this year and a few other projects in planning or plotting stages. So much to do, so little time. Ha! It’s a nice mix of prose and comics work so I’m having fun.

Bobby, as always it’s a pleasure chatting with you here, feel free to leave links for whatever you want, your website, your direct links to where people can purchase your books etc. Thanks for being here Bobby, and I look forward to chatting with you again in the future! Take Care!

Thanks again, Ralph. Always great to visit the Rant.

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Ralphs Rants- Interviews coming!

Hello everyone! Just a heads up that I'm going to have a lot of new interviews in the coming weeks with the best in adventure writing and new pulp. The first of which will come this week! Stay Tuned, the fun is about to start!