Thursday, July 23, 2015

Your Daily Ralph- New release!

Just released- The Cagliostro Chronicles Audio book available at The Cagliostro Chronicles audiobook Get your copy today!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Your daily Ralph- Things to come

Hi all, I know I've been less than 'Daily' about this blog, but I'm going to try to be more on top of it.
Right now, my most recent release is 'The Cagliostro Chronicles III: Into the Heart of Evil' It's the third chapter in the ongoing story of man's first faster than light vessel and the war with the evil Agalum empire. An empire built on control and a never ending lust for power. But there's a new player in the game; the horrific Tahir Ga'Warum. Interdimensional monsters who have come to our universe seeking conquest, as well as a bite to eat. Now the mighty Cagliostro must go behind Agalum lines and seek out an ancient cache' of weapons designs before the Agalum can get their hands on them and decipher them, effectively giving them the upper hand in the war.  Will Mark Johnson and the crew of the Cagliostro be able to uncover and retrieve the ancient weapons designs before the Agalum can? And what of the Tahir Ga'Warum who are looking for new worlds to conquer? How will they be dealt with?  Find out in the pages of 'The Cagliostro Chronicles III: Into the Heart of Evil'

So what else is coming down the pike? I'm working right now on my first real pulp novel. It stars a mysterious agent of the night who must discover more about himself than about his enemies. In 1937 the city of Riverburgh is a small city some 40 miles north of Manhattan, but it's problems are just as big, just as dangerous as its larger cousin's.  It is here that the shiver inducing Grim Spectre hails from. A creature that looks more ghoul than man. His skull-like face forever hidden in shadow beneath his cloak, the Grim Spectre hunts the streets of Riverburgh seeking those that would do innocents harm. Like a glowing, caped ghost he floats above the streets dealing out vengeance with rock hard fists or twin '45's. He walks through walls, and floats through ceilings appearing within criminals very midst to deal out punishment that a corrupt police force is too conflicted to attempt. Where innocents are taken advantage of and beaten or robbed, the Grim Spectre will appear to even the score. But is he man or is he hell spawned demon? Or is he neither and perhaps something in-between? Find out soon within the pages of The Grim Spectre!
As always all of my novels are available at or at