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Your daily Ralph New Sites showing The Cagliostro Chronicles 9/28/13

I did a little bit of new advertising for 'The Cagliostro Chronicles' today and had it added to several more sites. Here's a few links to check out. Let me know what you think!twoninetynineorless/cnr9

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Your Daily Ralph-Torahg the Warrior, Sword of Vengeance re-visted 9/27/13

My sword and sorcery masterpiece, 'Torahg the Warrior, Sword of Vengeance' hasn't been mentioned by me in a while. It's one of the most action packed, fun books you'll read this year or any! It's a tale of vengeance set in a pre-historic world of magic and battle, with a young prince, betrayed by his own brother, framed for his father, kings death and exiled for 20 long years who is finally talked into returning to his fathers kingdom to seek vengeance upon his evil brother and the vile sorcerer he allied himself with. IN a world filled with demons and monsters Torahg delivers action in man sized chucks of destruction as Torahg the warrior seeks Vengeance upon the evil men who ruined his life as well as the lives of everyone in his kingdom! Get your copy today at

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Your Daily Ralph- Earth Station One Interview !!! 9/25/13

My interview on the weekly Earths Station One Podcast It's at the 39 minute point of the show, though I would listen to the whole thing, especially if you like to hear about Monty Python and the Holy Grail , which the guys discuss at length before my interview. This was great fun and very interesting to do, and the guys are great. Take a listen

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The solar system is in peril!

 For years mankind's efforts to fly to other stars have been a disaster! Ships have exploded, lives have been lost. Man was relegated to his own solar system and space travel was painstakingly slow at best. And then came Mark Johnson, the brilliant CEO/Engineer/ Scientist of Johnson Aerospace. Now with his crew of hand picked adventurers, Mark Johnson has broken the light speed barrier in the most advanced ship ever flown from earth  or anywhere, and with it he intends to find out what the vast mystery and conspiracy against the earth really is! Find out for yourself within the pages of the 'Cagliostro Chronicles'! or

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Ralph's Rants does Reviews Cryptozoica By Mark Ellis

Book Review of Cryptozoica by Mark Ellis


I went into reading ‘Cryptozoica’ with a slight amount of apprehension, but the subject matter appealed to me. An island filled with dinosaurs that lay undiscovered by modern man, and the cover depicted raptors and a T-Rex type of Dino. Queue up the ‘Jurassic Park’ music!

While there were some similarities between the two properties it was not enough to spoil my enjoyment of this book. I have to give Mark Ellis credit; the amount of research he had to do to make this book work is very impressive. I was blown away by the depth of knowledge he wrote with.

One other reason for my apprehension was that I read some of the reviews for the book and they seemed to point in the direction of this book being anti-Christian, which to be honest I did not find. If anything I think it gave a fair argument for both sides, be it intelligent design or evolution. Now being a Christian man myself I was relieved to find that this was not a central theme to the story, in fact it was more in the background of the plot, sort of a ‘What if this got out what would it cause?’ type of situation.

But on to the details, this is an adventure book about a down on his luck ex-fighter pilot who’s been stuck on an island called ‘Little Tamtung’ for the past two years, ‘Big Tamtung’, where the Dino’s are is the island close by and where Cryptozoica was set up.  

Cryptozoica was originally set up as a sort of playground for the rich and famous. But it never got off the ground as there were several deaths of the financiers who decided they wanted more out of the island than just profit, but you’ll have to read it to find out what.  

Since that time ‘Tombstone Jack Kavanaugh’ has been basically trapped on Little Tamtung, because to go back to the states he would be held liable for the wrongful death suits involved in those men’s demise.

The story is filled with action, both of the Man vs. Dino type as well as Man vs. Man. It’s a deep plot involving Asian triads and who wants what money from whom.

But there’s more to it than just that, there’s also the fountain of youth, or in this case the ‘Prima Materia’ or Prime Material which in legend was supposed to be where all life sprang from.

There’s also telepathic lizard women as well.

And dinosaurs, did I mention dinosaurs?

All in all I have to say this was probably the best book I’ve read all year. While I caught small editing mistakes along the way (Tense of certain words as well as missing words all together) stuff like that does not bother me at all, so to me at least it’s not important. Hell I’ve read books published by Tor and other big publishers that have had worse mistakes.

I was surprised how much I liked this book, as I was sad to see it end. There is much left unsaid about Jack Kavanaugh, his partner Crowe, Mouzi the tough female repair tech, triad leader and former dancer Bai Suzhain, and the lovely Honore’ Roxton. Never mind the devil dwarf, Aubrey Belleau. The end looks like its set for another book, and I hope it is. I really liked this book quite a bit, actually more than I expected to, to be honest.

My one negative was not seeing Kavanaugh kick the evil giant Hamish Oakschott’s ass. That would have made this a 100% perfect book for me. As it is it’s only 99.99%. I can’t recommend this one enough. I absolutely loved it.
Cryptozoica is available at Amazon

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Your Daily Ralph More Reviews! 9/16/13

If you ever want to make a hard working author feel good, write a review like this. This just cheered my whole rather lousy day up. Oh yeah, if you haven't yet, go buy this book!
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5.0 out of 5 stars AWESOME, September 16, 2013

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: The Cagliostro Chronicles (Kindle Edition)
If the author is reading this I hope you make many sequels for this book. The storyline was well ordered and the story was one of the best I've ever read. I think someone should make a movie on this concept. Thank you for reading this.

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Your Daily Ralph- New reviews 9/15/13

I received a couple of new reviews today for "Redemption of the Sorcerer" which were both very nice.

By S. Davies on September 15, 2013
Format: Paperback
I've recently read Angelo's `Cagliostro' book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. With this in mind when I saw he had another book out - I jumped at the chance to read it!

This is a book suitable for nearly all ages. I enjoyed the subtle and yet strong authorial message that strength isn't always about those that shout and smash, and that we need to appreciate what we have when we have it.
A fun read, this reminded me of the recent Marvel films with its wit, humour, grand sense of adventure and the conscious fact neither the movies nor this book take themselves too seriously.

A sweeping range of characters, good dialogue and a lovely pace all make this a nice easy read. If you enjoy YA fantasy (which this predominantly is) then I do urge you to give this a shot.
Five Stars Loved it
By K Richards on September 15, 2013
Format: Paperback Amazon Verified Purchase
Pointed in the direction of this book by my wife (who knows I enjoy Harry Potter, David Haydn, and the old `Flashman' books) and I'm glad that she did. This is a very easy read that the reader is able to pick up and put down really easily. I found myself reading this on the train to work, at the office (when quiet!) and then again walking home from the train station. With characters that are relatable and real, I was able to connect to the story and the urgency of their actions. This is a book that straddles fantasy and adventure and I think it would be appeal to the teenage readership - especially teenage boys - and if the author continues to put out books like this, I think he'll do very well.
Thanks for the kind words  K. Richards and S. Davies! Both reviews are really appreciated! You can find Redemption of the Sorcerer at the link below.
Everything else I have written can be found at

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Your Daily Ralph!- It's all in the cover 9/12/13

Covers mean so much on a book. They can either pull in a  wary reader or turn them off. When designing a cover an artist or writer has to bear in mind  that the cover is going to represent their product and that (to me at least) the cover has to have an explosive 'Grab me" factor thrown in there. I'm going to post a few different covers here today , some will be my books some will be others.
This is the cover from one of the books I'm currently reading. The cover of the edition I have looks slightly different than this in that hit has a black border and black in the wording. In short the cover I have looks spectacular. Not that this one is bad, it's not . I think this is an amazing cover in general. It's clean, and it grabs me just looking at it. It's a phenomenal cover. It tells you everything you need to know about the character. He's a man of action who's overlooking his city and protecting it from evil doers. Even if you have never heard of the Avenger, this cover should tell you all you need to know as far as what the book contains.  There are even dirigibles overhead, which should tell you what era the stories take place in. Fantastic piece of artwork.

Next up is another book I am currently reading called Cryptozoica. This is a story that is about a recently re-discovered island in the south pacific that has dinosaurs living on it. I'm not going to review any of these titles here yet, but I will when I'm done reading them. The only thing I will say about this book is that Mark Ellis must have done one hell of a huge amount of research to tell this story. Kudo's to you Mark, I can tell that unless you're a paleontologist, this book took a long time to research and get right.  I'm enjoying both these books very much, BTW.
This is a very nice cover also, and as I said I'm really enjoying this book a lot.  But the cover , while  very nicely drawn, just seems a little too busy for my taste, I see all kinds of mayhem going on here, and that is probably what the artist was trying to convey. Again, beautifully drawn and eye catching. It again tells the story of what is going on here. Man Vs. Dinosaur in a walled in area (Note the wall behind the T Rex) Maybe chaos is what they were going for with this cover, because that's what I get out of it. Again, not a bad thing. If I saw this in a book store I'd definitely pick it up and buy it. All in all though I just feel it's a little bit too busy. Still an amazing cover and absolutely eye catching though, and that's what counts. Like I said, the story is great too.

Here's another recent cover that I like a lot It's from a recent book called 'Gravedigger' This cover caught my eye the minute I saw it. the colors were perfect, and the woman pictured looked fantastic. This cover has a combination of both the real world and metaphysical to it.
I love this cover. I haven't read the book yet , but I'll get to it. that being said though, this is a fantastic cover that really grabbed me the instant I saw it, bloody sword and all pointing at the reader. This is just eye catching!

Next up is a book I reviewed last week, but I loved the cover on it so it's back for this discussion,  'The Spider: Extreme Prejudice' has another eye catching and explosive cover that just draws you in to all the action contained within its pages. . If that cover doesn't convey the message of explosive action I don't know what does! 

Next is the cover to my first novel, ' Redemption of the Sorcerer' the artist I use did a fantastic job here, conveying exactly what I had in mind. The mighty sorcerer battling the evil barbarian astride his dragon, with the barbarian warrior actually having the upper hand, while they're both fighting beneath a rolling thunderous sky. Just fantastic stuff!
Next up we have my  'Torahg the Warrior, Sword of Vengeance' novel, which is set in the dim prehistoric past with a barbarian warrior prince fighting his evil brother and his pet sorcerer. This is more Sword and Sorcery than anything else, harkening back to the works of Robert E. Howard and many of his classic creations. This cover may be a little too busy also, but that's my own fault for asking for so much in there,  but it also gets its message across. Swords, Muscled Warriors, wizards, monsters and of course vengeance!
The last one here is my Sci-Fi novel ' The Cagliostro Chronicles' again its a nice clean cover, showing the modern spaceship cleaving through the dark of space, and silhouetted in the background are the five principle characters. Looking at this over you again know exactly what you are in for. Its a sci-fi novel about five adventurers flying off into the unknown. Again, my artist did a fantastic job of it.
To catch up with any one of these great books click on the links below. you can't go wrong with any of them. all great stuff!
The Avenger is available here
Cryptozoica here :            
Gravedigger here:             
The Spider Extreme Prejudice:
Redemption of the Sorcerer :
Torahg the Warrior:         
The Cagliostro Chronicles:

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Your Daily Ralph~9/9/13 Writing and reading, writing and reading...

I spent the weekend doing , guess what? See above. Though not so much writing as I did reading. Though last night I did burn out  a thousand words. Today a thousand so far, and definitely going to do another thousand before I pass out. I ended up  spending the weekend doing other things. I went away for an overnighter on Thursday. and came right back on Friday. I just needed to get out of here for a day or two.

But I did take my laptop with me and wrote some on Thursday night. About 500 words was all I got finished and another 500 Friday night when I was back home. Saturday I was all over the place, including out to see 'Riddick' Saturday night which was great! I'm a fan, what can I say? excellent movie, in a set of excellent movies. Just seeing it makes me want to get back to writing 'Torahg' stories again.

But I have other things on my plate actually. I have to finish the current book, ' My Enemy, Myself!' which is the sequel to 'Redemption of the Sorcerer'. After this I have to write the next 'Cagliostro Chronicle', which is still going strong at this point. I highly recommend you read it yourself if you love action packed, adventure filled sci-fi and not the boring old stodgy stuff. Check it out, you really won't be sorry. It's a thrill filled adventure about mankind's first tentative step into a much more dangerous, larger universe, that could spell the end of life on earth!  Paperback Kindle  Nook reader

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Ralph's Rants Does reviews- Legacy #2 The Killing Fields

Book Review of ‘Legacy-Heirs of Sinanju- The Killing Fields’.

By Warren Murphy and Gerald Welch


This book is the second in the new ‘Legacy’ Series starring the children of Remo Williams, The Destroyer, one of my all-time favorite characters. Stone and Freya are both being trained in Sinanju by Remo’s Father Bill Roam. AKA Sunny Joe of the Sinanju tribe. Their handler is a man named Ben Cole, who is a former Mosad agent, but who now works for CURE under Dr. Harold W. Smith.  

What this new series seems to be focusing on is a group called VIGIL which is the polar opposite of CURE. Where CURE is trying to defeat threats to the United States and the world by going outside normal practices, VIGIL is trying to destroy the USA.

In this new volume we meet VIGIL’s new enforcement arms, a group of young women who have carbon fiber grafted to their bones (Wolverine anyone?) to make them indestructible. They are also pumped up with drugs to increase their speed and reflexes. These super killers have a new mission too, kill Stone and Freya. Well, at least one of them does, and her name is simply 14. She is the sole survivor of the program, save for one other who manages to escape and fade into the night.

What follows is a cat and mouse game between our brother and sister team of super Sinanju warriors and the VIGIL killing machine as well as between Ben Coles and his counterpart known as Helmut.



What I liked: The story was good and well written, and did not bore. There was enough action for me, which is always a plus because I can never get too many action scenes. Plus I like the two main antagonists. The spawn of Remo both hold their own admirably, while doing the typical great things you expect out of Sinanju. It’s fast paced, and it's a read you can’t put down.  


What I didn’t like: Not much, there are a couple of small items that I didn’t care for, such as Freya really being the star of the book, also her doing things that supposedly Remo hasn’t done. One of my biggest complaints is Stone smoking. How is that even possible with a breathing system like Sinanju has? Everything centers on breath in Sinanju, so I don’t understand that part, I’m hoping that is clarified in the next book or two. But I know Warren knows what he’s doing here, as this is all about his babies.  One thing I miss though is the constant banter between Remo and Chiun, there’s nothing like that here. You get the impression that both leads are still feeling their way around each other, which is fine. Now here’s my biggest complaint: I found this book to be a little too short. It seemed like I sped through it.


All in all though, it’s a great, fun series of books, this is no exception. The villainess in this book was exceptional and was a good match to our heroes. I can’t wait for the next one, and I hope it has more a focus on Stone and not Freya. I’d like to see the series start to focus on his maturing into Sinanju, right now, he’s playing second fiddle to Freya.   

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Your Daily Ralph 9/5/13

Yeah, yeah , yeah I know I've been remiss about posting these, and I apologize. So I figured I'd do one now before I roll out of here for a day or two.

The last few days have been filled with me writing and researching and other stuff. Mostly other stuff as I tend to write in the afternoons for a couple of hours and then in the late evening for another couple.

But anyway, I'm now at the 48,000 word mark for 'My Enemy, Myself!' so I'd safely say I'm halfway there, but I'm not livin' on a prayer. Get it? Halfway there? Livin' on a prayer?

In other news, 'The Cagliostro Chronicles' is sorta a mini juggernaut. I can't figure it out. It keeps on rolling. After I finish Crystalon 2  I'm going to have to write the sequel to Cagliostro right away. The problem is I have so many ideas for different other things rolling around my head including an idea for a mid to late 30's pulp style avenger, as well as another pet project I've had in mind for decades which is a  modern day prose superhero team.

But anyway... So the summer is over, but is the fun in the sun gone? Heck no! Get out there and enjoy! I figure I've got three weeks left up here in the northeast of good weather yet, maybe more.

Hey! Join my blog! I've only got 6 members here, and I know more than 6 of you are reading it since its got literally thousands of page views! Join my blog Join my blog Join my blog! 

Oh yeah, here's the links to interviews I've done in the past few months. Enjoy!

Independent authors network: 


Indie author news:


Indies Unlimited : 




Cheryl Carpinello’s interview with me.


Mark Bousquet’s interview with me:

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Ralph's Rants Does Reviews: The Spider: Extreme Prejudice!

The Spider: Extreme Prejudice



I just read the new ‘The Spider’ anthology with stories by Howard Hopkins, Will Murray, Eric Fein, James Chambers, Gary Phillips, Rik Hoskin, Bobby Nash, Ron Fortier, I.A. Watson, Don Roff, C.J. Henderson and Matthew Baugh. I have to say I really liked this book. The grit and feel of The Spider came through with every page.  Having only relatively recently discovered The Spider when I recieved  ‘The Spider Vs. The Empire State’ last Christmas, I was happy to see this anthology of all new adventures come out.

After reading this tome I have to say I am not disappointed. Everyone involved did a fantastic job on ‘The Spider’ and his helpers. I really enjoyed this book a lot. There were few stories I liked better than others, but all in all it was excellent from cover to cover. Everyone involved wrote what I would term as ‘real The Spider stories’. What I mean by that is nothing seemed to be out of character like a fan-fic version of the hero and his lieutenants.  There’s no doubt, these are REAL ‘The Spider’ stories, and everyone is a hit.

One last note I’d like to make, and that is about the cover. That cover is absolutely as explosive as it is gorgeous, and it’s the work of an artist named Malcolm McClinton. I have to say, if the stories inside weren’t any good, even that cover would be worth buying the book for. But rest assured the stories are as good as that striking cover is.

“The Spider: Extreme Prejudice is a fantastic book that I continued to read at every chance I could get, and it’s about one of the greatest characters to come out of the original pulp era. Get your copy today, especially If you are a fan of high octane action.