Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ralph's Rants Does Reviews: The Spider: Extreme Prejudice!

The Spider: Extreme Prejudice



I just read the new ‘The Spider’ anthology with stories by Howard Hopkins, Will Murray, Eric Fein, James Chambers, Gary Phillips, Rik Hoskin, Bobby Nash, Ron Fortier, I.A. Watson, Don Roff, C.J. Henderson and Matthew Baugh. I have to say I really liked this book. The grit and feel of The Spider came through with every page.  Having only relatively recently discovered The Spider when I recieved  ‘The Spider Vs. The Empire State’ last Christmas, I was happy to see this anthology of all new adventures come out.

After reading this tome I have to say I am not disappointed. Everyone involved did a fantastic job on ‘The Spider’ and his helpers. I really enjoyed this book a lot. There were few stories I liked better than others, but all in all it was excellent from cover to cover. Everyone involved wrote what I would term as ‘real The Spider stories’. What I mean by that is nothing seemed to be out of character like a fan-fic version of the hero and his lieutenants.  There’s no doubt, these are REAL ‘The Spider’ stories, and everyone is a hit.

One last note I’d like to make, and that is about the cover. That cover is absolutely as explosive as it is gorgeous, and it’s the work of an artist named Malcolm McClinton. I have to say, if the stories inside weren’t any good, even that cover would be worth buying the book for. But rest assured the stories are as good as that striking cover is.

“The Spider: Extreme Prejudice is a fantastic book that I continued to read at every chance I could get, and it’s about one of the greatest characters to come out of the original pulp era. Get your copy today, especially If you are a fan of high octane action.


  1. Thanks for the kind words about The Spider: Extreme Prejudice, Ralph. I had a great time working on this book. The Spider and Nita were so much fun to write.


    1. Hi Bobby, the Spider: Extreme Prejudice was a great, fun read. The Spider is one of my favorite pulp heroes, mainly because he is a oddity. he believes in dealing with his enemies with 'Extreme Prejudice' as opposed to the 'Avenger's and 'Doc Savage's of that era.