Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Your Daily Ralph~What are you YOU thankful for?

So? What are you thankful for? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I have to say I'm thankful for a few things. Family, friends, pets etc.

Tomorrow now also signifies the turn into high gear for the shopping season. Sadly, the Thanksgiving holiday is now all but forgotten as the corporations that own these big stores are breaking up families on a (basically one step below sacred) holiday. This should not be allowed and should not happen. yet they entice the shopper with deals that cannot be missed. I went today into wal mart to buy a carpet shampooer. the one I wanted was $150. But there was none on the shelf. I called an employee over, he looked it up for me and told me to come back Friday, it will be $98. I said huh? You mean I have to come back I can't even buy it for full price today? His answer was no. And he recommended I actually come in at 6 PM tomorrow, thanksgiving night. So now if I want the carpet shampooer I was more than happy to pay full price for I have to come in either Thanksgiving night or Friday when they will probably be gone. They force us in to get what we want. It's deplorable. The employees do not want to be there, they want to be home with their families. The shoppers sure as hell do not want to be there unless they are masochists, and plenty of those exist. So now what? Do I wait a few days and just pay full price or do I save $50 and go stand in line like a Salmon waiting to swim upstream?

Anyway lets talk creativity. Last night was a just special I was trying to write and fell asleep at the keyboard three times while barely getting 800 words done. So I went to bed...and then laid there for an hour unable to sleep. I mean really? I got up, watched 'Agents of SHIELD' from te beginning because I had missed half of it earlier. I hit the hay again at 3 AM and slept through the night> Luckily the night before I wrote 3200 words so I'm still on track. Maybe tonight I'll surpass that number too.

I'm awaiting the cover and the edits on My Enemy, Myself right now. The sequel to Redemption of the Sorcerer. Hopefully it will be printed up and available before Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, I think, I'm going to run a special on my books if bought directly from me. I have to work this out yet , but I'd like to be able to offer any of my books with a personalized autograph for $15 including shipping. How does that sound? Let me know at if you like the idea of that, and I'll work out the logistics of it all.

In the meantime I did an interview with Angies Diary

Don't forget, everything about me is up on my website at

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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