Thursday, November 14, 2013

Your Daily Ralph Editing , revisions and eternal rewrites 11/14/13

I finished up proofreading my soon to be newest release,  'My Enemy, Myself, The Crystalon Saga, Book Two' last night. Then today I ran a spell check on the whole thing. It took about two hours to spell check it, at least. And of course I found stuff that I missed on the proofreading pass. I'm also sure if I proofread it one more time I'd find more stuff to change. Monday it goes to my editor who is freaking brilliant. she'll flesh out what changes I need to implement, if any.
Yeah 'if any'. I know there are going to be changes , I just know it. No matter how careful I am and how driven ( I am VERY driven with this my writing.) Deborah always find stuff that could work better, and that's why I invest in editing with her. I think she's great. Having a book professionally edited costs money, but it's worth it. I learned my lesson after that debacle I had with publish America last year. I was so embarrassed by what they put out there with my name on it. Finding Deborah was the best thing that could have happened to me and my books.

'My Enemy, Myself!' takes place two years after 'Redemption of the Sorcerer' and the core characters have grown and changed a bit in that time. They now embrace a new mission of proactively seeking out sorcerous threats around the world and dealing with them.

But when a threat comes to them from a totally unexpected source, with an even more shocking and unexpected messenger,  the world of Crystalon is thrown for a loop. What follows is a deadly adventure between dimensions with very deep ramifications for the master sorcerer, as well as the former kingdom and universe he used to rule.

To say the stakes have never been higher or more dangerous for Crystalon and his companions would be an understatement. They are fish out of water, with his friends never even imagining they would be so far from home. The enemies come after them one after another with a deranged madman orchestrating everything that is thrown at them. Will they all survive? Will any of them survive? If Crystalon does not win this epic struggle against his foe, his former kingdom will be a very changed place. It will literally be hell on earth and we all know who rules in hell.

Look for 'My Enemy, Myself' coming soon from Ralph L. Angelo, Jr. and Cosmic Comet Publishing!

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