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Your daily Ralph! Book Review of 'Legion I: Lords of Fire' by Van Allen Plexico

Legion I: Lords of Fire



Lords of fire by Van Allen Plexico is the first in a series of military sci-fi novels set in his own universe, also the same universe where ‘Lucian: Dark Gods Homecoming’ and ‘Hawk: Hand of the Machine’ take place. All three novels are separated by both years and circumstances of characters.

In ‘Lords of Fire’ we are following the adventures of one Colonel Ezekial Tamerlane, and his troops, the lords of fire, otherwise known as Legion I. There are three legions, by the way.

The story is a very engaging read that I read through in only a couple of days. I have to give Van Plexico credit, he writes very enjoyable and engaging characters that do not bore. I actually sat for hours on end reading this novel. It was an attention holding adventure through deep space and well colonized worlds, as well as others that were barren wastelands.

There were at least two twists in the story that took me unawares.

Look, putting it simply and not trying to sound like I’m falling all over myself gushing about this book, Van knows his stuff. He’s an excellent writer, and this may well be his best novel to date. The story was linear with one piece falling into the next very nicely. Reading this book was comfortable. It did not leave me scratching my head at all. There were no plot holes or open spots that made me say “Huh? What happened there?”

In a nutshell, this novel was action packed, enjoyable, fast paced and very easy to follow. The characters had enough depth that you got to know them and like them, or dislike them if need be. It was a great book.

Plexico does not overwrite, which may be his greatest strength. He gives you just enough details of each character so that the reader does not get bogged down by the boring bits that invariably ruin many a good story, or turn a great story into a mediocre one.

If you like a good space opera, sci-fi novel then you’ll love this one. I wanted more when I was done. I can’t wait for the sequel to come out this spring.

Very easily five stars.

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