Monday, December 16, 2013

Your Daily Ralph: Review of Bad Times: Cannibal Gold By Chuck Dixon

I could not put this down. It was pure escapism on a mega manly level. This is the kind of book I like to read. Lots action and zero political correctness crap. I read this book straight through in only two sittings. Started it late on a Sunday night and finished it on a Monday. It was a great book that reminded me in many ways of books like the Destroyer or Executioner series of novels. I read a lot and have read a lot of books I really liked this year, this is at the top of the heap. Chuck Dixon is one of my all time favorite comic book writers and his prose is just as good (He co-created Bane one of Batman's most famous and feared enemies. He also wrote the best Moon Knight series that was ever published by Marvel, as well as defining the Punisher with probably the longest run on that character.) BT:CG is a novel that mixes action/sci-fi and lots, and lots of gunfire. It follows a team of Ex-Army Rangers into an adventure beyond their wildest dreams. If you are a guy who loves a novel like I've described here then you cannot go wrong. This book was great. I cannot say it better than that.


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