Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Your Daily Ralph Book review of 'The Spur-Loki's Rock, By Mark Ellis

This was a strange book for me, as I usually am not a fan of space westerns. Like I know its supposed to be sacrilege , but I don't like 'Firefly' very much at all. I think its kind of boring. I've made it through less than a dozen episodes and I have to say I'm not a fan.
This book is pretty much in the same vein as 'Firefly', but for some reason it grabbed me more that that show does.
While this is a space western it also stands on its own merits. Long story short dept.: A team is sent from earth to check out a long ago lost colony world in the Orion spur. Many years ago there was an upheaval of sorts that destroyed the world for the most part and killed millions. All contact was lost. Now earth has decided to re establish contact and sent a team of experts to check  out what really happened on Loki. The team makes it to Loki's Rock which is a town filled with  the dregs of the not so new world  Everyone including and especially the towns leader are all amoral and evil. It's a place where anything goes and the people trade in body parts with the mysterious people in a mountain a few days ride away.  The mystery of the people who await in the mountain is interesting and surprising.

This book skirts a fine line between the far flung future and the distant past. You get Indians on horseback as well as robotic drones with lasers flying around. Throw in some lost in time Nazi's as well as an unknown race of aliens and you have the makings a of a crazy thrill ride of a book. This was a very good read, I can't wait until the next volume comes out. If you like space westerns you can't go wrong here. Mark Ellis is an excellent writer who crafts decently paced books that are fun to read.

My complaints were minor and very few. The book ended rather abruptly but that's probably going to lead into the next one, at least I think it would. The first few chapters dragged a little, but as soon as it started to make sense what was going on it took off rather nicely.

Bottom line: This was an enjoyable read that went by quickly. It was a good, fun book to get lost in.  I really had no complaints with it. Go read it and see what you think.    



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