Saturday, August 10, 2013

Your Daily Ralph 8/10/13

Saturday, in the park...

So there's a chance that I'm going to see Lou Gramm formerly of 'Foreigner' tonight at a free concert in the park in Massapequa, NY. Not sure if I want to be bothered , but I might just for fun.  I want to get out of here now and get into the sunlight a bit. It's a great day out there so far. It's nearing lunch time too and I got this hankering for a burger today. I think I'll be stopping by the 'Burger Shack' this afternoon.

So I got it 3,000 words on 'My Enemy, Myself!' on Thursday I may get more in this weekend but realistically I'll wait till after the weekend is over as I have tentative plans for tomorrow. So what's going on with you ? How is your weekend sorting out? You can drop me a message at 'Author Ralph L Angelo Jr' on Facebook and let me know. You can also become my twitter friend as well @RLAngeloJr . My website is updated frequently at  and of course there is the Daily Ralph as well hey! go buy my books! Unabashed plug there. If you read (And if you have a half a brain you read) then you should be reading my books. Why? Because they're fun! You will not be bored, I can promise you that.  My amazon page is  Go reaed something and enjoy!

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