Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ralph's Rants does REVIEWS! Pro Se Presents #19!

Review of Pro Se Presents #19


Pro Se Presents is a quarterly anthology series that features unrelated stories by different authors within its pages of pulpy goodness. This issue fatreus stories by Ron Capshaw, Aaron Smith, Kevin Rogers, A.M. Paulson, Jilly Paddock, myself, Robert Kingett, Charis Taylor and Ron Fortier

This book is a unique mix of styles and stories, as some tales are set in the dim past (My own ‘Torahg’ story) and some set on the far distant future (Jilly Paddock’s and Kevin Roger’s tales.) Some are regular detective stories (Aaron Smith’s Lt. Picard story) and some feature supernatural undead avengers (Ron Fortier’s ‘Brother Bones’ tale.) There are also whimsical tales interspersed with some of the others such as A.M. Paulson’s ‘Joan and the mystery of the missing pie.’

All in all this book has something for everyone, from outright, high octane adventure to tales of horrific sci-fi as well as straight up pulp. This was a great read, as every chapter gave you something different and exciting.

If you want something different to read, something that will keep your curiosity satisfied with short tales that never bore or seem too long and drawn out, Pro Se Presents #19 is for you! Yes I am biased because I have a story in it, but I’ve enjoyed this series of books before as well. This is great stuff and well worth reading. Go get your copy today!

Five stars!


  1. On behalf of all the talented writers involved, cover artist Rob Davis, as well as our loyal formatter and interior artist Sean E. Ali; thanks for the great review.

    Lee Houston, Junior
    Editor-Pro Se Presents

    1. You're welcome Lee, and that cover IS awesome! Rob did a great job on that cover!