Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Your Daily Ralph ~ 8/27/13 Today I'm going to rant. SyFy channel has become total crap

That's right, total garbage. It used to be, and not too long ago we had QUALITY sci-Fi programming on there, stuff like 'Stargate SG-1' , hell last years 'Alpha's' was really a good show that was a lot of fun. There have been several over the years. Some only lasted one season, some more, but they were interesting and fun. Now we have crap like 'Ghost Mine', 'Joe Rogan Questions Everything.', and 'Heroes of Cosplay'.  Really??? Heroes of Cosplay? Are you kidding me??? It was bad enough when they started with that junk called 'Face-Off' and the various Ghost shows and spin offs. Hey I fully admit it, I watch 'Ghost Hunters' I know it's not real, but I have fun with it, but that is it. this reality show crap has gone too far. They should change the name of this network to 'Crappy, low budget reality shows that no one is really interested in, but they are cheap.' Why? Because NONE of this has to do with Science Fiction. Hell, we don't even get the crappy Sy-Fy channel space movies anymore. Now we get 'Sharknado' and other junk like that. Again, where's the Sci-Fi??? This channel has become a pale imitation of what it used to be. I know there are a few new sci-fi shows on here now and they are cancelling others, such as 'Warehouse 13' , and 'Eureka' is already gone. I was not a fan of either show though I have caught several episodes of 'Warehouse 13' this season. The guy is too much of a doofus on that show for me. But occasionally it is fun.  'Dresden Files' lasted one season, sadly, as do most shows that seem interesting on this once fun network. Instead we're with left with low cost, so called reality shows.

But c'mon, 'Heroes of Cosplay'???  Really??? How far this network has fallen...

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  1. Syfy, was going off the rails, the second it went from Sci-Fi, to "Syfy".

    Oh and when they stopped renewing any show that had a space ship, or robot in it...

    I still have hardly forgiven them for cancelling Caprica.

  2. Yeah they went down the tubes after the name change.