Monday, August 19, 2013

Your Daily Ralph 8/19/13 So what do you think?

 A friend of mine asked me the other day why don't I write love stories instead of sci-fi and action/adventure fantasy novels? I had to stop and ask him if he was serious. Sadly, he was. The bottom line is I have no interest I reading something like that, let alone writing it. It's not in my wheelhouse, never has been never will be. I get it that some people don't understand the stuff I write and the stuff I like to read. I figure it's something to do with their own lack of imagination, and I'm not saying that to be derogatory, I'm just making a statement. Hey growing up, I was always the kid who read tons of comic books as well as novels while others did not. But in all seriousness in the 6th grade I had a 9th grade reading level. By 9th grade my reading comprehension was called college plus. The reason for that was because I read a lot, period. Now I didn't read scientific journals or anything of the sort, I read fiction. I read the majority of the 'Doc Savage' novels before I left grade school. By the time I was in Jr. High I was reading the freshly minted 'Destroyer' novels. and of course there were comics., loads and loads of comics which were always my favorite method of escapism. Hence the worlds I like to play in.

 Could I write a straight up mystery? I suppose I could. I don't know if I'd have a lot of fun doing it, but I guess it's possible.  I've written some mystery type stuff in 'Redemption of the Sorcerer' as well as in 'The Cagliostro Chronicles' So yeah I could write that type of stuff, but a love story??? Not gonna happen. I suppose my friend assumed that there's a bigger market for love stories than there is for Sci Fi or fantasy etc. hey I have no idea. He may be right for all I know, but I'm not going to make the effort to find out anytime soon. It's just not something I have in me.

But I do have in me to write great action adventure stuff. Hell, 'Torahg the Warrior: Sword of Vengeance' was probably the most fun I've had writing so far and that was definitely because of all the fighting, action and violence I had in it. And it was all up close and personal action. Big action swords fights with huge men and voluptuous women battling against insurmountable odds.

The climactic ending of 'Redemption of the Sorcerer' was HUGE!!! I can't out it any other way. It was a tremendous magical battle for the fate of two worlds. If you haven't read it and are a fan of big , gigantic action sequences you should. You won't regret it!

As far as outer space battles for the fate of the world, 'The Cagliostro Chronicles' has it all. It's an action packed thrill fest with the fate of the world coming down to what the crew of the Cagliostro does at the end. But the action here was long distance for the most part. You'll have to check it out for yourself, as it's still selling like hot cakes on a sunday morning, in fact it's now in the mid 50's out of the top 100 space opera's on Amazon's site! How's that for cool?  for all the excitement! or 

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