Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Your Daily Ralph 8/14/13

I've been writing again, concentrating on my next 'Crystalon' novel, which I hope to have out by early November. I'm sure it'll happen by then. The story is coming together nicely with some surprising twists that I didn't even realize were going to happen. There's a lot to be said about a book writing itself. It seems everything I write does that for the most part. This one is no different as the master sorcerer and star of the series returns to his own world that he had left now two years earlier. A lot has happened in that time. People have changed, situations have changed. But Crystalon remains Crystalon. That is until he gets a very unexpected visitor to his home in Scotland. a very familiar one to him and a shocking one to his girlfriend Amanda. The adventure begins from there and where it will end ,well I don't even know as of yet. I can tell you it will be exciting and adventurous to say the least!

'The Cagliostro Chronicles' is another rousing adventure, this one set in the future as man finally makes the leap from his solar system to the great beyond, with dire ramifications for everyone! Join the crew of the Cagliostro as they seek to uncover a conspiracy that has been stunting mankind's growth in the greater universe for over a hundred years! The Cagliostro Chronicles is available today at and . It's also available at various links all of which can be found on my web site If you want to keep in touch with me,  join my twitter feed @RLAngeloJr  , as well as joining this blog. Check out the Cagliostro Chronicles as well as all my books , you'll be glad you did!

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