Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Your Daily Ralph-1/1/14- Evil Ways by Bobby Nash- A Review

Evil Ways by Bobby Nash is something a bit different for me as far as novels go. It is a thriller/murder mystery set in a small town in the south. This was Bobby’s first published novel that he recently re-released under his own publishing brand. I tend to read more books in the sci-fi or action/adventure genre’s than this. Still once I got into the book I was hooked. Bobby is a an excellent writer and even though this was his first project from about a decade ago, you could still see the seeds of greatness there. Bobby crafted a really interesting tale of a high school reunion gone awry.
A formerly tight group of friends were coming home from all over the country to visit for the reunion, not realizing the terrible danger awaiting them all there. Some would not escape with their lives. Others would be horribly burdened by what would transpire here for the rest of their lives.
FBI Agent Harold Palmer happened to be in town visiting his brother Franklin, who also happened to be the publisher of a small town newspaper who took his job very seriously. The two men would play a pivotal part in not only discovering who the villain was but in also halting his mad schemes when all was said and done.
A good, taut thriller. Give it a read. You’ll like it.


  1. Many thanks for the kind words, Ralph. Much appreciated.
    I'm glad you enjoyed Evil Ways.


  2. You're welcome Bobby. It was an excellent read full of mystery and high tension. NIce job!

  3. Bobby has become one of my favourite writers, Deadly Games is a great book set in the same world as Evil Ways. He also has some great SiFi story's that are well worth checking out, if that's your prefered type of book.