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Ralph's rants does reviews Sinbad -The New Voyages- Vol 1

Sinbad- The new Voyages Vol. 1



I’m sort of a sword and sorcery fanatic. It’s my favorite genre, as well as home to one of my favorite creations. That being said, I’ve known of the legendary Captain Sinbad through the Ray Harryhausen adventures (In fact I have two of those movies arriving tomorrow in my mailbox via Netflix.) I never understood why there was always a different actor portraying him, but hey, whatever!

So when it came to my attention that the wonderful writers and editors at Airship 27 productions (You know the guys, big silver blimp, it’s at all the popular sports events.) had put together a couple of anthologies of today’s best New Pulp authors writing the new adventures of ol’ turban head, I said hey I’m in.

First up was a tale by one of my favorite authors in New Pulp as well as favorite people, Nancy Hansen “Sinbad and the Isle of Simurgh” is a tale of a magical navigation device that Sinbad and his crew must sail to faraway lands to procure. Along the way they deal with giant sea monsters and a fabled lost island filled with danger.

Next up is “Sinbad and the Sapphire of the Djinn” by I.A. Watson is the story of an ailing ruler and the mystery surrounding his ailment as well as a race against time between Sinbad’s ship, “The Blue Nymph” and a magical airship run by a ‘Clockwork Sorcerer’. It’s a rousing, fast paced adventure that’s loads of fun.

The final story in the anthology is entitled “Sinbad and the voyage to the Land of the Frozen Sun” by Derrick Ferguson It entails mystery, evil men, dark sorcery and of course monsters. It was another good, sprawling adventure that held my attention.


All in all this book was a lot of fun. It’s a great read if you want to get away from it all and return to a time of magic and monsters when men were men and you knew who your enemies were. A time of larger than life heroes and heroines who fought mightily against the forces of evil (Which usually meant a sorcerer of some kind.)


I highly recommend this adventure filled tome. It’s escapism at its best, and isn’t that what we all want in a book?

Five Stars

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