Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Your daily Ralph 1/8/14 :Review of Brother Bones: Six Days of the Dragon

Review of Brother Bones: Six Days of the Dragon

By Roman Leary

Brother Bones created by Ron Fortier


Six days of the Dragon is the first Brother Bones full length adventure. It takes place in the late 30’s, as do most good pulp stories, and has its contingent of bizarre characters. Six days of the Dragon is a supernatural thriller featuring the undead avenger himself along with those unique characters.

Bones is unique in that he really is a dead man who is reanimated to pay for his sins by God. He possesses vast strength and is basically invulnerable. Bullets either go right through him or bounce off of him. I’m not clear on which, but suffice to say he’s not in the least bit worried about getting shot. He gets his orders from an angel who directs him toward a target.

Six days of the Dragon was an action packed adventure across the city of ‘Cape Noire’ that led the undead avenger onto the trail of an immortal beast who had long been playing the master puppeteer from behind the scenes. He had been ordering his puppet to create a mystic item that would quite literally unleash hell on earth.

Throw in a secret group who considered themselves heroes as well as several unknowns who would play huge parts in all of this and you have a very well-crafted novel.

Did I mention how much fun this all was? Well I did just now. I really liked this one. While I felt there could have been a lot more Brother Bones himself throughout the book, and less of the people running around him, what we did have of him within these pages was great.

All in all I really liked this story. It was a great new pulp novel with a little bit for everyone.
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  1. Great review, Ralph, thanks ever. As for wanting more Bones, hope you get a chance to pick up the original book which contains his first seven tales. And I'm now about 85% finished the second collection, hoping to have it out this year.

    1. I will pick it up Ron, Thanks. I look forward to reading it. And you are welcome, BTW. It was a fun read that really held my attention.