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Your daily Ralph~The Hobbit- A Review

The Hobbit- A Review



It’s been many years since I read the Hobbit so I decided it was time to read it again. I mean it must have been over 30 years, perhaps closer to 40.

So I ordered a copy for my Kindle and sat back and read. With the new movies out I wanted to refresh my memory.

There’s a reason why Tolkien’s books are considered THE definitive fantasy novels of all time.

They say that Tolkien wrote this book for his children and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy for everyone else. You can see how that plays out here. The Hobbit is a lovable little character who has a big heart and along the way becomes a hero. But the message of the book seemed to be that even a little person can make a difference in the world. Size does not matter, and be content with who you are, and where you are in it.

The Hobbit is a huge story which takes the heroes a year to live out. They cross much of the world in their journey, encountering Trolls, Goblins and Elves, as well as a creature called ‘Golum’ who will figure greatly in his nephews own adventure some sixty years after Bilbo’s own adventure ends. Our diminutive hero and his almost as diminutive dwarf companion’s travel to the lonely mountain where the great dragon ‘Smaug’ hides after taking the caverns from them many years earlier. The dragon lives in the dwarves former home now, buried in their gold and riches. The dwarves want their home back and at the urging of Gandalf the Grey take along the hapless Bilbo on their adventure, a Hobbit who has never before left his home in the Shire. Along the way the Hobbit discovers his bravery, as well as few other things.

 There are many differences between the book and the movies. They added a lot of content to the new movies to stretch them out to three films. Some of it is warranted and good. Some of it just was a waste of time.

All in all the ‘Hobbit’ is a wonderful story that should be read by everyone in their lifetimes. I could see this book lighting the fires of imagination in a child who has never read before, or never enjoyed reading. It is a fanciful world of magic and different races of beings as well as monstrous and mythical creatures. It’s an adventure children of all ages can enjoy. It’s a classic.
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