Friday, January 3, 2014

Your Daily Ralph- A brand new interview with Barry Reese! A guy so popular he gets his own month!

Barry Reese follow up interview



Hi Barry how are you? It’s been a while since I interviewed you and since this is Barry Reese month over at Pro Se Productions I figured this would be a great time to catch up.


Thanks for having me back, Ralph. It’s always good to hear from you.



Barry, you always have some rather interesting creator owned properties such as The Rook, Lazarus Gray, and the most recent addition to your writing stable, Gravedigger. What have you got coming down the pike for us this year with your previously created series and characters?


It’s going to be another busy year over at Reese Unlimited. Tales of The Rook Volume Two will be coming out, featuring another group of writers tackling my most famous creation. Gravedigger will also have her second volume arriving in 2014 and you’ll get to see the fourth book in the Lazarus Gray series. In fact, you might even get to see a fifth volume of Lazarus next year!


I see, very interesting. What about new creations? Have you any new characters coming our way this year?


Not really, to be honest. 2014 is all about continuing the shared universe I’ve developed and building towards a big crossover novel that will feature all my original heroes in a shared adventure.


What about non-creator owned properties? I’ve read stories from you in The Avenger : Roaring Heart of the Crucible, and I know that he is one of your personal favorite pulp heroes to write. Anything coming to us with the same hero or others?


Nothing on the horizon with The Avenger but I’ve turned in stories featuring G-8 and His Battle Aces as well as Johnny Dollar to Moonstone. In addition, I’ve written a Box Thirteen story for Radio Archives and I’m planning to write a Phantom Detective novel this year.


Who would you like to write that you haven’t yet?


Oh, there are several characters but the biggest one of all would be The Shadow. That would be the pinnacle. Beyond that, I’d also dig having a chance to write Norgil (another Walter Gibson creation), Tarzan and Doc Savage.



Now here’s a tough question for you, do you feel that you accomplished what you wanted to the previous twelve months writing-wise, or do you feel you could have done more? And if so what?


I’m pretty satisfied with how 2013 went from a writing standpoint. I think I produced some very good work and I’m excited that people will be able to see it soon.



What about the future as you see it now? Anything on the horizon a year or more down the road that is just starting to be more than an inkling in your mind that we can look forward too?


Well, I mentioned the crossover novel – that’s probably the biggest thing that’s looming on the horizon. Chris Batista has already turned in a stunning cover so I have to write something worthy of it!



One last question, have you achieved your writing dream or is there a loftier goal for Barry Reese out in the distance somewhere?


Overall, I think I’ve accomplished most of my dreams. I wrote for Marvel and I got to handle The Avenger. If I could add The Shadow, I could die a happy man, writing-wise.


Thanks for taking the time to hang with us Barry and answer these questions. As always it is appreciated. Talk to you soon!


Thanks, Ralph. It’s always fun.

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