Thursday, January 9, 2014

Your Daily Ralph Book review of The Corpse on Broadstreet

Review of the Corpse on Broadstreet




‘The Corpse on Broadstreet’ is a Pro Se Short by Jim Beard and is a precursor for another story he has coming out called ‘The Corpse in the City’.

Make no mistake, this is a horror story first and foremost. It ends with an unanswered mystery and a terrible disaster on all levels.

The Corpse is a villain on the level of The Joker or some other demented madman who revels in death and terror, of which there is plenty in this short. It is a bloody and horrific story about a city under siege.

What I don’t understand about the story (Which I’m sure will be outlined more in the sequel) is why the Mayor is such a creep to his outgoing DA who lost the election to a newcomer. What is even stranger is that the newcomer, who is not set to be sworn into office for another two months, is being ushered in ahead of time to take the incumbent DA’s place, a man who has proven throughout this story to be more than capable of handling anything that is thrown at him. The incumbent or lame duck DA is actually told to go do something else by his supposed friend, the mayor, at stories end. Yet he’s still in office for another two months.

So there is a mystery here on several fronts. Who is the Corpse? (I have suspicions for three characters we already know of) Why is the mayor betraying his friend? (Again I have suspicions that were alluded to.) How’d this man (The Corpse) come to power? How’d he build a following amongst the disenfranchised?

All in all this was a relatively quick read, and it had a very high sense of tension running throughout. It was written with the usual Jim Beard level of excellence we’ve all come to expect and it makes me want to read more to find out where this mystery leads to.

A good short read and economically priced at .99 cents on Kindle.

Five stars.
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