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Your Daily Ralph- New Book Release list for the week of 1/14/14

Welcome to the new book release list for 1/14/14.
 Below are six new releases for the preset week, along with links to where they can be purchased.

Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce the release of its first title for 2014. Jim Beard’s original occult investigator, Sgt. Roman Janus returns in a second collection of suspenseful adventures.  Or does he?  At the end of the first book, SGT. JANUS – SPIRIT BREAKER, our intrepid hero mysteriously vanished into another realm never to be seen again. 
Now, almost a full year later, a dark haired beauty, with no memory of her own identity, suddenly appears and begins assuming Janus’ role in seeking out troublesome poltergeist and laying them to rest.  Aided by a young clerk named Joshua, this mysterious Lady Janus possesses personal knowledge known only to the missing occultist.  Who is this strange, daring woman?  Is she Janus reincarnated?  Or something even more sinister?
“When the first book appeared last year, it caused quite a stir amongst ghost story enthusiast,” reports Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “Occult investigators have been a stable of pulp fiction for years and Jim’s character follows in that hallowed tradition.  Sgt. Janus’ stories are a marvelous blend of mystery and horror. It’s a pure delight to be releasing this new volume of Sgt. Janus’ continued adventures.”
Aided by gifted artist Zachary Brunner and award winning book designer, Rob Davis, writer Jim Beard once again turns the entire occult genre upside down as he delivers another eight stories filled with suspense, horror and non-stop action all driving to a startling finale pulp fans of weird dare not miss.

Available now from Amazon in both hard copy & Kindle


And as a PDF download from the Airship 27 website.


Thirteen short stories ranging from genres such as Terror, Mystery, SCI-FI and Fantasy. First edition in English. So far the comments from readers have been “Excellent”. The stories are short, gripping, very dramatic and with unexpected endings. The author got his inspiration from Phillip K. Dick, H. P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard and Ray Bardbury.
by Mark Allen 
Ex-CIA assassin Travis Kain, burned by the betrayal of his best friend and the bitter death of his wife, turns to the life of a gun for hire, doing his best to bury the past beneath a violent sea of bullets and blood. But some sins refuse to stay buried and Kain finds himself fighting not only a ruthless nemesis from his shadowy past, but also the scars on his soul, which are torn open by the arrival of a woman from his past. With its full-auto pace, high-powered action, and raw emotion, The Assassin's Prayer is a relentless tale of redemption for those who know that bullets sometimes speak louder than words.


Amantha le Pard, a young wizardess from London, transfers to The Sazerac School of Magick in New Orleans to be with her cousin Madelaine after the girl was abducted by a wizardly serial kidnapper. Amantha encounters a rich, multicultural magick community with black, Creole, and Cajun influences, swamp monsters, and rival students from a gothic punk magick academy. A reign of terror grips The Sazerac. Hapless young wizards from prominent magickal families are being ‘taken’ and held for ransom. Where will the dreadful Whispering Mage strike next? Special Agent Malcombe Porti√®re of the BSCI has a secret plan to defeat the evil menace — but can it work in time? And what can a young girl like Amantha possibly do to help? Join in the fun, adventure, and magick in this first of the Wizard Academies books to be set in America.
LULU - Author Spotlight
The Rainbow Sphere
Erinn Forrester and her friends discover The Rainbow Sphere, a long lost item that is part of a mysterious legend that was once thought of to be folk lore.  After they discover it in The Portal House, weird phenomenon occur.  Erinn has to race against time to uncover the legend.  Is it real?  Check Our Xhazul's Box: The Rainbow Sphere, a book with mystery wrapped in secrets with a hint of magic and fantasy.  Available on Amazon, Smashwords, iBooks, Nook, and more!

Silver Manticore: Friends and Foes
Who is the Silver Manticore?
The world sees him as a masked criminal mastermind cutting into the biggest schemes, helping himself to the largest share.
But unknown to the underworld and the law, the Silver Manticore and his assistant, are a force for good who merely pose as crooks!
In their long and varied campaign against crime and crooks they have made many friends and foes.
Here in ten tales you will meet—
The Maggot, who has used the very same methods in his own war on crime, Doc Wylie, scientist and crime buster supreme, who has been pressed into aiding the Silver Manticore, Special Inspector Joe Casey of the N.Y.P.D., who secretly works for the Silver Manticore, Evan White, the African-American who inherited the silver mask in the 1950s and many more.

The volume will be available as an ebook in the next week at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords for $2.99.
 All of my own books are available as always at http://RLAngeloJr.com or at http://tinyurl.com/ralphsamazon

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