Sunday, January 19, 2014

Your Daily Ralph- Ruminating On writing

It's funny I've been ruminating about writing the last day or two. I've noticed different patterns in different writers. For instance, Tolkien does something that is supposed to be a cardinal sin. He tells a lot of story in narration, especially in the last sections of 'The Hobbit'. I'm reading another book now by a friend and I notice certain quirks there as well, though it's not a problem or bothersome. So my thoughts are that a lot of people who claim to not like a book or author for one reason or other are full of crap and need to get over themselves.

I find it annoying that there is a certain sect of reader out there who can do nothing but tear apart the work of someone who has put so much time and effort into something. I read reviews on Amazon of peoples books and I'm amazed at some of the negative reviews writers get, and it's always from some self important jerk who wants his ten seconds one the soap box.

What got me started on all of this? Reading the Hobbit again, where Tolkien makes several of the dreaded Faux Pa's that everyone supposedly hates. Yet I love that book as do millions more. So the bottom line I believe is to write and edit as cleanly as possible. Do your ultimate best to make sure you've got it right and that YOU ARE HAPPY WITH IT. Then send it out there and screw the naysayers. YOU have to rely on your editor to do a good job, and if you trust them to do that job, then you're all set. You've done all you can. What I'm saying here is that a lot of this stuff is subjective and the internet has now given pompous, no talent asses the ability to try to destroy another man's work because for whatever reason they just think they can.

This is just something to keep in mind if you get a bad review from someone for whatever reason they deem necessary, it doesn't mean they are right. Don't let it get you down. If there is any kernel of truth to what they said you'll know. When you get the attacks by the rabid dogs, step back and take a deep look at what they said and what credibility they have. Hey if someone can find something that is not written to the exacting standards of the accepted experts by J.R.R Tolkien then anything is possible for the rest of us. What I'm saying is everyone can get it 'wrong' at one time or another, but that doesn't mean it's wrong.

Believe in yourself and don't let anyone else shatter that belief. If you think you can write something that is true to your vision of what that story should be, believe in it and put it out there to the best of your ability. Always put out the very best finished product that you can, and to hell with the naysayers.

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