Monday, July 22, 2013

Your daily Ralph~7/22/13

You may have noticed there hasn't been a daily Ralph the past two days. There's a twofold reason for that actually, One is that it was the weekend, and I probably won't be doing this on weekends, if I'm around and its a rainy day, then yeah, you have a good chance of being regaled by more of my wit, but if its a nice weekend, I may just pass and leave you with 5 days a week of Daily Ralph's. I mean really, how much more of this can the mortal mind withstand without overloading and exploding all over close sitting family members?
The second  reason is that I was readying a new release. I had a second novel in less that a month released as of today.
The Cagliostro Chronicles is a sci-fi adventure novel (Why the HELL are thsy calling these 'Space Opera's' now??? It's ALL Sci-fi!) set in the not too distant future and revolves around man's first faster than light space flight and the dangers that flight reveals in the depths of space. The hidden enemies that dwell beyond the furthest star, and what this all means for the inhabitants of earth.
There is danger, intrigue and the mysteries of the unknown beyond the furthest star. If the crew of the star cruiser Cagliostro can't unravel what they discover out there, it will mean the end of life as we know it upon the earth!

The Cagliostro Chronicles is available at

What this also means is that I am truly beginning to feel like an author for the first time, instead of one who just dabbles in a hobby. This will be the fourth book I'll have out there, including my non-fiction 'How To' Motorcycle Instructional book.

All four are available right here at  

Where does that leave me now? What's coming down the pike next? I have several short stories coming out in various magazines and anthologies followed by the sequel to 'Redemption of the Sorcerer.' somewhere around Thanksgiving (I want to get it done by then so you have something to put under the tree instead of a bag of socks for uncle Bob.)

Of course you could always start your shopping early and buy one of each of my titles for everyone on your Christmas list. (Hint Hint ! Nudge Nudge)

So go and enjoy my new sci-fi novel, "The Cagliostro Chronicles" and please write a review and tell me what you thought. The same goes for the other books I've written . I hope you enjoy and thanks in advance!

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