Monday, July 8, 2013

Your Daily Ralph! #1

Today will be the very first of many 'Daily Ralph's' . Basically you'll get the opportunity to read what I'm up to and what's new with me. Right now I'm working on the next Crystalon novel entitled 'My Enemy, My Self' I'm not a quite a third of the way through it yet, but I'm getting there. I'm not looking to release that until around Christmas time giving you all something cool to put under the tree for readers both young and old alike.
Like 'Redemption of the Sorcerer' it's an epic tale that is just huge in scale. The difference here though is that Crystalon really gets to shine from the outset of the tale. He's fully powered up and now just looking to stop evil wherever he sees it, until it comes knocking at his front door with a plea for help from his home dimension in the most unlikeliest of forms, his former wife, Amera!

Look for 'My enemy, Myself' around the end of the year, it'll be worth the wait.

In the meantime, last week Pro Se Publications released my sword and sorcery epic, 'Torahg the Warrior: Sword of Vengeance' Torahg lives in a pre-history world of the dim past. A world of savagery and evil magic where seemingly every few square miles is another kingdom. The most powerful of those kingdoms is his fathers to rule, until a series of events are put into motion by a duplicitous family member, his own brother 'Welcomb' as well as Welcomb's vile ally, the sorcerer, 'Schargath', that results in the kings death and Torahg being framed for that murder, resulting in him barely escaping the kingdom with his life. For twenty long hard years he travels the lands, growing in strength and power. Becoming far more skilled, but also becoming far more angry and hate filled. When he emerges after all that time he is a far, far different man than the naïve young prince who left his home in Fairandia with his mentor Reynard at his side. He is now more akin to a raging force of nature than a man. But first and foremost he is a hero, battling through villains from the depths of hell to the most vile woman he has ever met. He is Torahg the Warrior! And woe be to any who stand in his path! 'Torahg the Warrior: Sword of Vengeance is available at

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