Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Your Daily Ralph~ 7/17/13

Another day, another ridiculous blast of heat and humidity. It's yet another awful day here in sunny Long Island.  That being said let's talk about creativity.

When you see certain things, do they make you think of a story that would go along with that object or person? There are a lot of times that I do. It could be a random anything. A dented car ("How did that dent get there? Was the car in a high speed chase and got slammed into by a pursuing car?") "A burned building somewhere, what's the story behind that?" "What could it be?" is really the question to ask. Could it have been from a giant creature from space or another dimension stepping on it?  Now what if that house was near the water? Could it have been burned to the ground by an invading army of  undersea dwellers? The possibilities go on forever. Anything could be caused by anything else, and that's where the story begins.

Watching a baseball game and a huge shadow falls over the stadium, is it a cloud or could it be an invading space ship?  (Remember 'Independence day'?")

As a writer, everything takes on its own life, every bump in the night, every cloud in the sky. This is how imagination and creativity work. For every problem in writing there's a solution, it just has to be discovered.

It took Torahg the Warrior twenty years to discover that he had a way back to the home he was exiled from. Read his adventure today

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