Friday, September 2, 2016

The Blair Witch, What???

I recently found out that there's another 'Blair Witch' movie coming out very soon. This surprised me quite a bit. The original Blair Witch, called 'The Blair Witch Project' was a 'found footage' film, possibly the first of its kind, and if it wasn't it inspired a generation of filmmakers to follow suit (See 'Cloverfield' or the 'Paranormal Activity' series to name two of the most popular). I actually did  a quick google search and found 28 recent found footage horror movies. So its become a 'thing.' I'm not sure if The Blair Witch started it all, but it definitely contributed to it mightily.

What I remember about 'The Blair Witch Project' was how stark and outright terrifying it was. The two subsequent sequels were just filmed as movies and did NOT have that feel like the original did. They were run of the mill horror flicks. Not bad in my opinion, but not memorable either.

The original was very different. I remember thinking how outright stupid a few of the protagonists seemed in the film for some of the actions they took, but that was it's only flaw to me. This was a scary flick that stayed with me. There were certain very well written elements in this movie that made it memorable to me. One (and probably the most frightening to me at the time) was the moment early in the film where the protagonists were reading about this supposed witch who would make her victims stand in the corner of her basement facing the wall while she tortured and murdered others. The last scene in  the movie involved the female of the group who finds her way into the abandoned houses basement for shelter and she finds her friend in there facing the wall. Then, as she's shouting for him, she gets hit over the head,  her camera drops and the screen goes dark after a few seconds of silence. 

Well done, scary stuff.

Let's hope the new installment can live up to that. Here's the trailer for the new film: 

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