Monday, September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day! 2016!

Labor Day weekend is drawing to  a close as I write this. Another summer is in the books and another fall and winter looms before us all. Soon the shorts will be put away, the air conditioners will come out of the windows and the BBQ's and patio chairs will be put back in sheds all across America. Before we know it the Halloween decorations will be coming out and not long after that we'll all be talking turkey and then awaiting Santa's arrival on Jesus's birthday. Winters chill will have set in by that time and after New years day we'll all be longing for the days of spring and summer once again.

But in the meantime, enjoy the next month and more before it starts to get cold. We've had a hot, muggy summer here in the northeast. I'm not lamenting its passing at all. Even now its 76 degrees here at 11:45 at night and humid. My A/C is still blowing as we speak.

So what do I have planned for the next few months? Well, I'm just starting the promotion for Hyperforce II, and after that I intend to get the ball rolling on the fourth Cagliostro Chronicles book. I also intend to write some short stories for different anthologies. Stuff I can finish in a week. I have a new character brewing in my mind right now. Sort of a modern day adventurer. He'll be making his debut somewhere. Also I intend to read a lot and play a lot more guitar. Those are my plans as of now.

So what are you plans for the next few months? Feel free to share them right here in the comments section. Take care and have a great night  and once again, Happy Labor Day!

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