Sunday, September 18, 2016

Good weekend

As Sunday night rolls to a close I'm reflecting on a very good weekend, specifically Saturday night. Oh, Friday wasn't bad either, but nothing important, beyond the weather being decent. But Saturday night I went out with some friends and had a great time seeing a band at a beach venue then, travelling  to another bar west and north of the beach bar and watching a Van Halen (Diamond Dave era) cover band rock the house. I had a good time. I haven't been going out that much this summer, so last night felt good on a lot of levels. I was hanging out with some cool friends and really had a blast. Then after I headed home I stopped at my brother's house, who was having a little impromptu get together at his house (He lives around the corner from me.) I stayed there about 15 minutes and then headed home. All in all, it was probably the most fun I've had all summer.
Today was a hot and muggy day here on Long Island. Yet another in a broken string of them. I can't say I'm saddened to see this summer end, but I know I'm NOT looking forward to winter rearing its ugly head once again. Hey, what am I going to do? Another two weeks and I'll be putting up Halloween decorations, if you can imagine that. Ugghh. Time waits for no man. It just steps on your spine and grinds you into the ground.

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