Monday, September 26, 2016

A darkness is coming...

A darkness is coming. A monstrous, fearsome evil that instills terror with its mere presence. A being of pure malevolence. One who is both powerful and patient. He has hidden in the shadows for centuries; preparing, planning for his eventual unveiling upon the world. He was content to stay hidden a short while longer, until his plans were undeniable and fool proof.

But recently an unforeseen threat to his machinations has arisen. A threat that will destroy his long standing, long created plans for world conquest.

Now this evil, this monstrous, vile and corrupt schemer must first dispose of that threat to his preparations before he can move forward. He must discredit and destroy them in every way.

Hyperforce must die.

Join Captain Power, Solaron, Dragonfly, Silver Shadow, Creature and Stryker as they battle to survive within the pages of ‘Hyperforce II-Of Madmen and Megalomaniacs’ available at

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