Sunday, September 4, 2016

A little taste of 'Hyperforce II-Of Madmen and Megalomaniacs.'

A little preview of 'Hyperforce 2'  

Chapter 1
Like rats into a trap

“Cap, watch your five o’clock.”
“I’m on it, Sol. Thanks.”
Captain Power soared through the sky above upstate New York. Missiles went off and rocked the air all around him with chaotic, deafening explosions. Beside him, but slightly behind flew the yellow and black clad ‘Stryker.’ The Two heroes were cutting a swath through a seemingly never ending barrage of missiles fired at them from the ground far below.
“Hey mate, this ain’t exactly fun, is it?” Stryker’s accented voice rang through Cap’s earbud communicator, in the same way Solaron’s had a moment earlier.
Cap grimaced and then replied, “No ‘mate,’ it’s not. This is no game, either. Someone has targeted us and has been attacking us for weeks; now Sol has pinpointed the source of those attacks to here. It’s about time we returned the favor and said hello to our mysterious enemy, whoever he is.”
Captain Power was a big man. He stood six feet eight inches tall and had long brown hair that reached to between his shoulder blades, and almost to the middle of his back. He was also very powerfully built. Clad in his white and blue costume with a lightning bolt emblazoned on its front and the twin bolts on his blue cape, he was an impressive figure rocketing through the sky. In fact, to say it would be an understatement.
Stryker was no less impressive in his own way. His costume consisted of a black and yellow leather bodysuit with a form fitting mask that only allowed his mouth and nose to show. Yellow lenses covered his eyes and a blonde Van Dyke covered his chin. He was every bit the rogue he appeared to be.
“Where are you, Sol?” Cap asked.
“We’re coming in fast on your six right now, Captain. Clear the air for us you two, The ‘Star Rapier’ is bringing in the rest of the team,” Solaron replied.
“Consider it cleared, Mate,” Stryker said.
The big Australian cut away from Cap, arcing to his right, to blast several approaching missiles with his explosive energy rays.
Cap watched him an instant, and then rocketed away toward another pack of oncoming missiles.
Captain Power unleashed his own energy blasts; force beams that resembled the energy he blasted out of his legs to fly with. Each powerful blast obliterated the missiles immediately. The downside was that on the ground it sounded like a war was going on somewhere high above in the sky over the Catskill Mountains.
That couldn’t be any closer to the truth.
“Cap!” Solaron’s voice interrupted, “Heads up, you’ve got one heading directly for you on your eight o’clock.”
Captain Power spun just in time to see the missile bearing down on him; instinctively he drew his massive fist back and with a snarl drove it forward with earth shattering force into the missiles nose.
The sky lit up all around the powerhouse, obscuring him from view. Stryker immediately rushed through the air to his teammate’s side, “Cap! Where are ya, ya bloo’ey nit? C’mon, you can’t be dead. No way a stinkin’ missile would ever take a pain in the arse like you out.”
Stryker raced about the sky where Cap had last been seen, but the heavy smoke from the explosion obscured his vision.
“Bloo’ey hell! Where is he?”

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