Sunday, March 16, 2014

Your Daily Ralph- A Review of EarthStrike Agenda by Bobby Nash

Earthstrike Agenda Review


I just finished ‘Earthstrike Agenda’ by Bobby Nash. As that I’m a Sci-Fi guy and love all things about the genre I was naturally drawn to the book.

It’s a galaxy spanning adventure set in the future. And it’s a future where mankind is really the master of all he surveys, except for two things; we’re running out of space and for some reason we’ve abandoned Earth save for the wealthy who have made it a paradise for themselves. Everyone else has gone to the stars.

But out there in the depths of space awaits danger for some of mankind. There are those who would take the Earth back. They are in the form of beings of artificial intelligence, in other words androids along with humans who are known as scavengers. Between the two factions as well as those who have infiltrated the ranks of the military space patrol they have created quite a deadly force.

Earthstrike Agenda is a book that tends to jump around a bit between several main characters serving on different vessels and even a space lab in orbit around the Earth. It’s a story about a clandestine plot to take the Earth back and fill it again with refugees and those who are less savory than others.


Earthstrike Agenda is a fun read and a good story that holds your attention from cover to cover. It has enough intrigue to satisfy anyone looking for a mystery and enough action to keep everyone else happy. It’s a win-win book that’s a great read. Go get your copy today. Five Stars

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