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Your daily Ralph-3/12/14 New Pulp Awards final day of voting!

The New Pulp Awards close out today! 

Today's the last day! The New Pulp Awards! Voting closes on the 12th of March ! Vote for your favorites today! I am nominated in the best new writer as well as best short story categories.

So do you wasn't to do something cool? Vote for the new pulp awards. Today is your last chance for a year. I'm going to go out on a limb and ask for your vote in the two catagories I'm nominated in, which is 'Best Short Story' for my short Sword and Sorcery tale, 'Torahg and the Slug God' and 'Best New Writer' Category for myself.

There are also plenty of my friends who are up for awards as well that are deserving in the many other catagories. Guys like Bobby Nash, Van Plexico, Barry Reese, Ron Fortier, David White and so many others that are putting out first rate, top quality entertainment on a yearly basis. So check them all out and vote for the books you've read, especially if you loved 'em as much I did. But unabashedly shameless plug, make sure you vote for me, too!


The winter doldrums have set in, and they are not a thing of beauty. One of the coldest winters in memory, with some of the worst snow has finally passed, or at least appears to be passing, who knows really? I know that here at La Casa De Angelo Central winter cannot be gone fast enough. I had a touch of the nice weather yesterday with temps rising to 66 degrees. But today its 53 and rainy and tomorrow is supposed to be 27 as a high. I'm ready for spring, that's for sure. Spring means a lot of great things. Most significantly It signifies rebirth and resurrection with Easter on the horizon.  Far less significantly it means new books will be arriving soon along with the green grass and flowering trees. It's going to be a new year of warmth and outside fun. I for one can't wait for it to happen.


So what am I working on you might ask? I know I haven't been in touch much , but I have been working nonstop on one new project or another. It should be a very "Ralph" filled spring and summer as far as new releases go. Right now I'm writing the premiere edition of the last of my long in development projects that have been floating around my skull for the last twenty or thirty years. This one is a  prose novel about a super-hero team that meets during a very small scale alien incursion, turns back the incursion and then they sit down and actually chat. They get to know each other and end up adventuring together through all sorts of circumstances. I'm more than halfway through it now, and in another two weeks it should be done, but best laid plans and all of that. We shall see. In the meantime I have two other novels with editors right now. Hopefully 'My Enemy, Myself The Crystalon Saga, Book II' is only a month or so more away.
Following that will be the next in the Cagliostro Chronicles, which is called 'Cagliostro Chronicles 2: Conflagration' Then the current WiP will released hopefully by the summer. After that I plan to write another Cagliostro Chronicle's novels for fall release.
Also this year I have written a bunch of short stories for various anthologies, all of which I am very excited about.
But one in particular really excites me; it's a short story for a volume of short stories about a modern day legendary character who is one of my favorite all-time novel character. I'm not going to say any more about that one, but when it comes out you can be sure I'll let you know. Hell, I'll be shouting through a bull horn when it happens.

In the meantime keep watching this page for all things Ralph!

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