Monday, July 28, 2014

Your Daily Ralph- Who is Hyperforce?

Who is Hyperforce?


When a small spacecraft falls out of the sky into northern New Jersey it opens up the entire world to a new reality. One filled with previously hidden super-humans and incredible adventure. That crashing spacecraft will bring together six unknown super-human’s and forge them into a team. It is a team that will stand together against a threat from beyond the stars. A threat that must be pushed back, for if it is not the earth itself could be imperiled.

Join Captain Power- a super strong and indestructible powerhouse. Solaron- A human star who can fire blasts of solar energy from his hands as well as create shields and other constructs out of solar energy. Dragonfly-a wise cracking teenager with super strength, agility and a unique ‘spectroscopic vision’ as well as a lightly armored battle suit with many offensive capabilities. Silver Shadow-A young woman who is a highly trained martial artist as well as possessing a mental stun blast, telepathy and flight. Creature-An ape-like being who instinctively changes shape and form, drawing supercharged versions of abilities from the animal kingdom at will. Starbolt-A young alien prince seeking allies against a usurper who seeks to steal his father’s kingdom, and his world. Starbolt is an energy manipulator. He can create and use any energy based power he can imagine. Along with a member who joins them later, Stryker, a super-strong power house with explosive blasts and an instant acceleration power, these seven will face a plethora of enemies in this first volume of this series, each successive foe will increasingly wear upon the fledgling team.

Hyperforce will be put to the test within these pages as they continue head on, on a collision course with their ultimate foe. If they fail a world will fall.


Get in on the excitement in this first great volume today! The limited edition Black Album is available today, with the regular edition available later this month. Sure to be a collector’s item!

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