Saturday, July 26, 2014

Your Daily Ralph- New Novels!

I released another new novel yesterday called 'Hyperforce'. It's a superhero novel about a group of heroes thrown together by necessity and the dangers they face. It's exciting, its fast paced and its fun. It's about a group of strangers thrown together and forced to become a team very quickly, because threats keep escalating and they are the only people who can stop them.  It all takes place in a world which never had super powered people in it before, and yet now it does . It also has the threats that now go along with them.

Thrill to the adventures of Captain Power, Solaron, Dragonfly, Silver Shadow, Creature, Starbolt and Stryker as they find their backs pressed to the wall by powerful enemies from across the world and beyond!

When a young alien prince crash lands on Earth seeking help for his people he sets into motion events that will bring together the greatest heroes the world has ever known. A team of newcomers will face a threat from beyond the stars. Along the way the team that will become known as 'Hyperforce' will face many mysterious and dangerous enemies. They will be tested time and again, and if they should fail any one of the threats they will face may be enough to destroy them all!
An action and adventure lovers paradise filled with excitement.

Limited release 'Black Album' collectors edition available now!

This is the third novel I've written and released this year. You can find information on all my books at Or


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