Saturday, July 12, 2014

Review of Fight Card- The Bridgeport Brawler


Fight Card-The Bridgeport Brawler

A fantastic Foray into mid-fifties fisticuffs

By David White writing as Jack Tunney


David White just crafted a real masterpiece with his first 'Fight Card' story. It’s a story of more than boxing but about the life of a tough guy who, while not a shady character himself, falls afoul of several of them, including one thug who ends this champions boxing career.

This adventure runs for several years in the hero of the stories life, and shows him at various stages of either being at the top or all the way at the bottom.

It’s a great story about friends, family and loss, as well as crawling out of whatever pit you may find yourself in and fighting back with everything you’ve got to get to the top once again.

Being a fight card story you know it’s going to have plenty of boxing action as well as some behind the scenes story to fill things out.

All in all it was a great story, and was very enjoyable to read. Extremely highly recommended. Go get your copy today! 

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