Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Your daily Ralph- Interview with Author David White

Ralph’s Rant’s does interviews speaks to David White
RA: Hello David, and welcome to Ralph’s Rants. David let’s get right to it, you have been toiling behind the scenes for a few years is that correct?
DW: Somewhat. I have done a lot of editing and proofing for Pro Se as well as Moonstone.
RA: Now your first published work that I was aware of was a Doc Panic story in Pro Se presents. Then what seemed like a long time passed, and now you’ve had a flurry of new stories pop up. Care to talk to us about them? What they are? Who they are with? What they are about?
DW: Well most of the stuff I have is with Pro Se press, but there was my Fight Card story, and also an Avenger story for Moonstone. I had written and submitted a pretty good amount of stuff before finally getting Doc Panic published.
RA: So tell us a little about you’re behind the scenes work. You’re mostly known as an editor. What have you worked on over the years?
DW: Wow! There has been a ton, at one point I was editing at least four or five stories a month it seemed, but I have since slowed down, I still edit a little, but when I have the time, I try to write.
RA: As an editor, what was your proudest achievement?
DW: Hmmm, well for me it was getting to work on Barry Reese’s stuff, as I have always been a big Rook fan. After that I would say Chuck Miller’s creation The Black Centipede
RA: Now let me ask you the same question but as a writer?
DW: For me it was my Fight Card, because I based the main character after my pops, who I lost a few years back.
RA: As a writer, what is your greatest inspiration?
DW: Honestly for me, it is the community itself. I have met not only some awesome talent, but just down right great people that I am proud to be involved with.
RA; What made you enjoy the type of writing you do? What did you discover that made you say ‘This is for me’?
DW: Well actually Joe Gentile from Moonstone got me started on pulp, and I just fell in love with it.

RA: Who are your favorite New Pulp writers?
DW: Hmmm, man tough one, there are just so many I enjoy. If I had to say a few, Barry Reese, Chuck Miller, and Rick Nichols are up there right now, but there is also so much I have no read yet, so hard to say, but for now, that will do.
RA: David White has had several releases in the last few weeks alone, including ‘The Bridgeport Brawler’, ‘Astigmatism’ and now ‘Magee’. Did I miss any of them?

DW: I also have a story in Tall Pulp from pro Se that was just released.

 RA: What was your favorite of the bunch, and why?
DW: Well while I was proud of my Fight Card, I really enjoyed creating MaGee, so he gets the nod.
RA: What does the future hold for David White, writer extraordinaire?
DW: Hahahahaha, no I don’t ever see myself in the area. I enjoy writing, but the time to just pump stuff out is just not there. Maybe once I retire I will pump more out.
RA: All right, thank you David, I appreciate you coming along for the ride and playing. We’ll all be looking for whatever you have coming up next. It was a pleasure talking to you tonight.
DW: Thanks Ralph, it was a blast!
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