Thursday, October 17, 2013

You Daily Ralph! All my books and where you can buy them! With Links!

The Books of Ralph L. Angelo, Jr.

The Halloween Terror of Weatsboro
A small Pennsylvania town harbors secrets that even the citizens don't know anything about. There are monsters there, as well as the monstrous. Plans laid over a century in the past are about to come to fruition, and all that stands between a horrifying future for the entire world are a hundred hearty souls. Will they be enough?
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The Cagliostro Chronicles

In the year 2089 earth has striven for decades to break the light speed barrier and failed time and time again. But there is more to it than that. Why are we failing? Why does something always seem to happen whenever mankind gets close to exploring the wider universe that destroys that ambition? What is the reason for these constant setbacks? Join genius inventor/engineer/CEO of Johnson Aerospace, Mark Johnson and his hand-picked crew of adventurers as they seek to unravel the far greater threat hanging over mankind before it’s too late for the entire planet. In a novel filled with conspiracies, action and intrigue, all of humanity may face destruction and death unless the crew of the Cagliostro can unravel the web of deceit and danger that seeks to crush the Earth and its inhabitants in an ever expanding claw of evil!

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Torahg the Warrior, Sword of vengeance.

In a time lost land of sorcery, demons and blood crazed warriors, a young prince is framed for the murder of his father a beloved king, by his own flesh and blood, his brother. Fleeing from the land of Fairandia, Torahg roams the world for twenty long years, as the forced into exile son of a murdered king. Along the way he acquires skills in many of the fighting arts. He lives as a sell sword and is content if not happy with his life he feels resigned to, until a beautiful woman comes into his life with a secret of her own. Now after twenty brutal years where he was forged upon the anvil of revenge, Torahg is returning to Fairandia with vengeance in his heart and a keen blade in his hand. Let all who stand in his way beware, for here comes Torahg the Warrior, Sword of Vengeance!


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Redemption of the Sorcerer, The Crystalon Saga, Book One

Once he was the most powerful man in his universe, a sorcerer without peer. He ruled that universe with a fist that rankled many. A long term plot was hatched and Crystalon was overthrown and exiled to a world without magic. A world where he was now but a powerless pauper on. That is until he saw a man having his soul ripped out by hungry demons. Now it is a race against time as Crystalon must somehow regain his magical prowess in time to defeat the shadowed mastermind behind a devastating plot that will leave all of humanity on both worlds enslaved to a despicable madman! Will Crystalon find it within himself to regain his power and help those of this new world he finds himself on? A world that looks so much like his own Earth, save it is a world bereft of magic? Will he care enough to try? And if he does, will he be in time to stop his enigmatic foe, or will he be too late? Find out today in ‘Redemption of the Sorcerer, The Crystalon Saga, Book One’  


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Help! They’re all Out to Get Me! The motorcyclists Guide to Surviving the Everyday World.

Want to learn the safe way to ride a motorcycle? Want to brush up on tips and tricks you may have forgotten over the years? Or worse yet, never learned? This is the book for you! Written by a BNYS certified motorcycle instructor and frequent writer for magazines such as ‘Backroads Motorcycle Touring Magazine’ as well as ‘Motorcycle Consumer News’ and ‘Motorcycle Online’, ‘Help! They’re All Out to Get Me!’ is the one specialized tool that should be in every rider’s tool kit.


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