Sunday, October 13, 2013

On writings and ruminations.


Last night I made magic. I typed the most magical sentence in the universe. Pure mystical power that can never be matched by for author. (I still love referring to myself as an author, it’s such a hoot!) I typed ‘The End’ Finally after a good five or six months I finished ‘My Enemy, Myself’ last night. I went back this morning and cleaned up the last chapter a little bit, then I went to the beginning and began proofreading it.

But I only got a few pages into it and had to stop.

Why you ask?

I can’t wrap my head around it yet. It’s too soon. This guy Crystalon is a very complex individual, and getting more complex the more I write him.

In this novel he’s no longer the reluctant hero, he’s embracing being the good guy. It’s been two years since he saved the worlds from his arch foe, now he’s been quietly guarding protecting the world from magical threats both big and small. He’s more relaxed and less high strung. He’s a bit of a nicer guy.

Don’t confuse that though, with being wimpy or weak. He’s neither. He’s just happily relaxed somewhat in his new existence and his new world.

This novel was a long strenuous journey for him and his friends. He may have known what he was getting into when he begins this journey, but no matter what he has said and warned them about the people with him do not. It’s real shock for most of them when they find what they’ve actually signed on for.

But the one thing about this novel that strikes me strangely is how likable Crystalon is in this book. He was a definite anti-hero in ‘Redemption of the Sorcerer’ and while at times he’s still a curmudgeon, for the most part he’s someone most people wouldn’t mind being.

What amazes me most about writing him is that people still either underestimate him, or continue to treat him as the bad guy.

But you’ll have to read it to find out what I mean, when it finally gets published. I’ll read through the entire novel and proof read it myself this week at least once, then it’ll go into the very competent hands of my editor.

Before she’s done with it I’ll commission my artist to start the cover.

But while that is going on, I’ll begin writing the second book in ‘The Cagliostro Chronicles’ which is just a big hit for me. I can’t wait to get back to that one.

This is one big hurdle completed for me. Book two’s always have a lot to live up to, but in this case at least I think ‘My Enemy, Myself’ has more than lived up to expectations. In fact it may have surpassed them!

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