Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Your Daily Ralph! The New Release List for 2/11/14

The New book Release list for 2/11/14

It's 1866. Jill Masters, a merchant's daughter, and Hanna Pak, her
servant, have left Boston for the American West. They're on the trail
of Dotson Winters, Jill's kidnapped fiancé, a man she doesn't love but
has agreed to marry to save her father's business.

Dotson finds them first, and reveals that he has faked his kidnapping
to intercept the Colony List, a catalog of secret agents living as
servants in the most powerful houses throughout the world. Now, Jill
wants him to save her father's business and Hanna wants him to save
the lives of those who, like her parents, spent their lives protecting
the world in secret. The women chase Dotson across the American West
and finally to England, where they have their final showdown in Kraken
Moor, and English castle possessed by demons.

Along the way, the two women encounter a time-traveling British spy,
kaiju, lizard men, Sun Chasers, Christian vampires, spiteful
Confederates, Dixie-loving zombies, nomadic alien robots, werewolves,
President Ulysses S. Grant, and the Metronome, beings who live at the
end of time, creating powerful weapons for fun.

The greater challenge for Hanna and Jill is reconciling their new
arrangement. Hanna wants to be treated as an equal, but Jill is not
quite ready to let their old arrangement go. Can the two women work
together long enough to accomplish their goals? And what happens to
them if they do?
Pour Me
Elle Marlow

Wanted: One Cowgirl Mommy.
  That was the ad right next to the bartending one.  Carly wasn't sure she was prepared for either but she was heading back to Arizona regardless.
  Running from her past and hopefully to a brighter future, she couldn't predict all three would collide and sexy cowboy Cade McCormick would be to blame for all of it.

Bad Times Book 2: Blood Red Tide
Treasure is when you find it.
The Rangers have returned from the prehistoric past to find
themselves in an even more dangerous time---the present.
Being on the run takes money. On the run from the richest
man in the world takes millions.
From a forgotten cave in the Nevada desert to the
pirate-infested seas of the ancient world, the Rangers hunt
for treasure lost to time. The travelers to the past find
once again that history is not what it seems and the future
is always in doubt.
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