Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Your daily Ralph- New book release list 2/25/14


Get ready for battle on Wednesday, February 26th when IDW Publishing’s Zombies Vs. Robots: No Man’s Land, the upcoming fifth installment in the highly popular Zombies Vs. Robots prose anthology line hits stores.

Zombies Vs. Robots: No Man’s Land, the fifth book in IDW's shambling series of original Zombies vs Robots prose collections, features fresh tales of rotting flesh and rusting metal including stories by Chris Ryall (ZVR creator), Jonathan McGoran, John Skipp, Cody Goodfellow, Mark Morris, Hank Schwaeble, Stephen Dedman, Stephen Graham Jones, and Bobby Nash with Art and Cover by Fabio Listrani and an introduction by Jonathan Maberry. Edited by Jeff Conner

IDW further expands the apocalyptic hellscape of its unique signature franchise. A world where brain-eaters roam and warbots rule is truly a NO MAN'S LAND.
264 pages, black and white, $19.99.

Zombies Vs. Robots: No Man’s Land features “The Wall” by Bobby Nash. 
Surrounded by water and zombies on all sides, Mike McGinnis knows he doesn’t have a prayer to save the children in his care. Only The Wall stands between them and destruction.
The Affairs of Sherlock Holmes
Many modern authors have attempted to recapture the mood of gaslit London and the mystique of Conan Doyle’s adventures of Sherlock Holmes by writing "new" Holmes stories; yet these attempts frequently fail to capture the original flavor of the Conan Doyle tales because modern writers simply don’t think or speak like Victorians. Conan Doyle's contemporaries wrote characters of their own invention; nevertheless they sound more like Conan Doyle than do any of his deliberate modern imitators. Unlike today’s authors, Sax Rohmer wrote his stories at the time Conan Doyle was at the peak of his popularity; and there is a ring of authenticity in Rohmer’s narratives that modern imitators are lacking. The editor of The Affairs of Sherlock Holmes has carefully edited some of Rohmer’s best mystery tales into Sherlock Holmes pastiches.
 Adventures of the Five: The Coming of Frost


Welcome to the Meadow! Big Orange Toy Box's flagship production is an all-ages tale of five furry friends trying to stop an evil human from conquering Wonderland!

Thirty years ago, Johnson Frost was just a kid from the Real who got lost and ended up in the Fantasy, where he was to meet his destiny by saving the Wonderland 31. When it was time to go home, however, Johnson refused, hiding in the mountains where he helped the Yetis battle the Nutcracker Army for control of Wonderland. Eventually defeated and exiled back into our world, the once wide-eyed kid grew into a bitter adult with dreams of making himself king!

In the present, a new generation of kids visit Wonderland 31. Farm the Half-Wolverine, Aurora the Fox, Jasper the Porcupine, Flake the Rabbit, and Notter the Otter find the entrance while exploring abandoned miner's tunnels inside the Western Mountain. They encounter a world of Nutcrackers and Yetis, of Marshmallow Bogs and Gingerbread Castles, and learn that Frost is coming back to conquer Wonderland with his Army of Invasives!

It's up to the Five to stop him. Ignored by their parents and the Meadow's Elders Council, the Five embark on the most dangerous adventure of their young lives to save both their home and a world they only just discovered!

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