Friday, February 14, 2014

Your Daily Ralph! 2/14/14

Torahg the Warrior Sword of Vengeance!

In an era before recorded time, in a land filled with vile monsters, black magicians, and savage madmen, a naive young prince is betrayed by his own brother and framed for the murder of their father.

Forced to flee the land of his birth with a thousand swords behind him, the exiled young prince spends twenty long, hard years learning the craft of the warrior. Twenty years spent as a sell sword for hire. Twenty years training with the best warriors he could find in the known world. Twenty years where Torahg the prince worked to become Torahg the Warrior.

Now he returns to the land of his birth with a bloody sword of vengeance in his scarred hand.

For twenty years he has been forged in the flames of the cruelest forge of all, now he returns as a new man. One who bears the scars of the past twenty long years. Now he returns to Fairandia not as Torahg the smiling happy prince, no, he returns now as Torahg the Warrior, Sword of Vengeance!

Let all who support his evil brother beware!   


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