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The Destiny of Fu Manchu- Revealed!

The Destiny of Fu ManchuThe Destiny of Fu Manchu by William Patrick Maynard

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The Destiny of Fu Manchu

Having recently read the terror of Fu Manchu I decided to read the sequel to William Patrick Maynard’s first Fu Manchu Novel. I found the follow up to be a novel I truly enjoyed. This one did not follow the exploits of Dr. Petrie, who was captured in the beginning of the book, but rather an adult version of one of the children he had saved some twenty years earlier in the previous volume.
The adventure begins in Egypt and then returns to Britain and soon all over Europe and Asia, as a race against time ensues to put a halt to Fah Lo Suee’s (Here calling herself for most of the novel ‘Helga Gruamann’) grand scheme as she worked for her father, the devil Doctor, Fu Manchu.
Fu’s plot was devilishly evil and would destroy most of the world’s population if successful. This tale took place before the start of World War II, in fact the world was on the brink of war, but for now pre-occupied with Fu Manchu and his Si-Fan’s evil machinations, even to the point of Britain and France foolishly joining with Germany and Hitler, as well as Mussolini and Italy to stop Fu Manchu’s evil.
There were several very good fast paced sections of this book that as a whole held my attention perfectly. I thought this book was excellent. It was a classy, superbly written mystery and adventure novel about one man caught up in something far larger than he had ever envisioned existing. It brought that man’s view of the world to a new level, making him realize there are far larger concerns out there then he had ever imagined.
William Patrick Maynard’s ‘Destiny of Fu Manchu’ is a thoroughly satisfying novel that engrosses the reader in rich locales as well as its insidiously evil plots and macabre characters and sinister situations.
Sax Rohmer would be proud. Five well deserved stars.

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