Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sentinels: MetalGod Review

Sentinels MetalgodSentinels Metalgod by Van Allen Plexico

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Van Plexico has been crafting his ‘Sentinels’ series of super heroic novels for close to a decade now. The series follows the exploits of an ‘Avengers’ or ‘JLA’ type super team from its inception through several ongoing adventures in connected novels, usually three novels to an arc. They are quick, entertaining reads, and like everything I’ve read from Van, are well-written and basically fun.
MetalGod is no exception to that rule. It’s a galaxy spanning romp that sees most of the Sentinel’s team on Earth as its leader Esro Brachus heads off to space with several members of the Kur-Bai race of aliens, and their prime super-team, The ‘Elites’, while at the same time a coup is underway on the Kur-Bai homeworld that will have ramifications for Earth as well.
Van obviously has this story plotted out well in advance through the three book arc as seeds have been planted that will bear fruit in future novels.
For ‘MetalGod’ we follow the teams actions as they deal with various periphery characters coming in and out of their lives throughout the book until finally two crisis’s, one billions of miles from Earth as well as one at home draw the divided teams attentions.
Van has created a work of super-hero fiction that draws the attention of the reader and invests them in this universe of larger than life characters. There is enough drama, action and even a sprinkling of humor spread through the book to satisfy anyone. All in all it’s a book that is highly enjoyable and just the right length to not become boring or drawn out.
The newest installment of the ‘Sentinels’ saga is a winner through and through. Highly recommended

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