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Prophecy's Gambit Review

Prophecy's GambitProphecy's Gambit by Nancy A Hansen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Prophecy’s Gambit- A Review

“Prophecy’s Gambit” is the second book in Nancy Hansen’s fantasy epic “Fortune’s Pawn” series. If anything I found this volume to be better than the first, which I really enjoyed. Prophecy’s Gambit finds our heroine ‘Callie’ a few months older and more pregnant as evil men surrounding her from the shadows conspire to take her captive, regardless of the effect it has on her unborn child.
Deep in the forest the Elves must deal with more attacks upon them by the horrific ‘weremon’ who, under the command of a dark wizard are seeking to kill all the elves, or if failing that, at least to drive them from the forest with the aid of the Weremon as well as the annoying and evil, ‘Drakkar’, which are hideously transformed fairies.
Callie to this point has no idea that she is the center of a hunt by the evil forces in her town’s general vicinity. Wizards and elves and monsters as well as brave men and women abound in this story, though no one really considers themself a hero, per se.
To me, one of the most interesting characters is a man named Phineas who is a hunter and all around woodsman. He’s a very interesting character to watch, and really comes closest to me of the definition of ‘Hero’ in both books so far.
There is a grand plot going on in this story, and so far we’re only getting bits and pieces of it. I have a feeling this is going to be a long adventure in the making, which is fine, because Nancy handles it all masterfully.
There are several interwoven plots going on at once, and besides the one where the wizard Kendahl and the Elf Levanti made certain that Callie was to bear a half elven child as per the Prophecy, all the rest being woven by the forces of darkness.
This is a very good book in the vein of “Lord of the Rings” and “Dragonlance”, perhaps not so large in scope as either of those series, though that could be proven otherwise in future volumes, right now it’s a fairly contained story within Greenwood and Gruel’s crossing. Machiavellian plans are being formed by the evil forces seeking to block this prophesized child from being born. Right now Callies only hope seems to be the friends and surrogate family about her as well as the watchers in the woods.
All in all it’s a very good book and Nancy’s writing really pulls the reader in. An excellent story that you can tell the author has close to her heart. Five Stars

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