Friday, February 8, 2013

Graham Nolan's 'Monster Island' Reviewed!

Graham Nolan's Monster IslandGraham Nolan's Monster Island by Graham Nolan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Monster Island, By Graham Nolan

I recently purchased a graphic novel by Graham Nolan, one of the men who created Bane while he drew Batman a few years back. Nolan’s ‘Monster Island’ project was actually first published in the 90’s and has been re-released for a new audience.
The story harkens back to comics from a decade plus back as this was pure fun, it was not dark and ugly as most comics are these days. This was just a romp that those who love the classic Godzilla or Gamera movies will love.
Two US Navy flyers crash land on an unknown island and soon discover it is overrun with giant creatures as well as two factions of warring aliens. The flyers (A man and a woman) soon find they have feelings for each other but before they can do anything about it they have to get off the Island.
What ensues is old fashioned adventure and clean fun as our heroes have to race against time to get off the island before it disappears, possibly forever, stranding them where they can never return from.
This graphic novel had everything for me. Giant monsters, aliens, Fighter jets, cute girls and lots of action. You can’t go wrong with this one. Graham Nolan is a man who knows when comics used to be written and drawn the right way. There’s no politics here, no agenda’s, just good clean fun.
I can wholeheartedly tell you to go out and buy this one without any reservations. When you finish reading this one, you’ll be thinking to yourself that you remembered this feeling after reading comics from years gone by. It’s called enjoyment. Have I mentioned how much fun this story was? Five stars.

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