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Lucian-Dark God's Homecoming- A review

Lucian: Dark God's HomecomingLucian: Dark God's Homecoming by Van Allen Plexico

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Lucian-Dark God’s Homecoming- A Review.
Lucian, by Van Plexico is the story of a God of a heretofore unknown pantheon who have seemingly hidden from mortals since the dawn of time. The quibble and bicker amongst themselves and at times go to outright war with each other.
In this pantheon, ‘Lucian’ is the devil of sorts, though it’s not really made clear why he is, just that it’s his role. In fact other races called him the ‘Liberator’ for his habit of raising an army and overthrowing tyrants on various worlds. He is also known by many names among the mortals one is ‘Marcus’. It is the most recent nom de plume he has used.
These powerful Gods tend to stay in their own realms for the most part, though they do have a shining golden city that some number of them live in, ruled by the powerful Golden God of battle ‘Baranak’.
From the first we see of each character there is great enmity between Baranak and Lucian. It seems the latter had tried to overthrow the former a millennia ago and failed, so he is immediately suspect as a new twilight of the Gods is unfolding in this golden realm. Gods are dying. Over 70 have died so far and all evidence points to the ‘bad boy’ God, Lucian.
Thus begins an epic journey across many worlds and dimensions as Lucian and his three human companions whose faster than light space craft had somehow been captured by the Gods of the golden city, and the space explorers themselves were thrown into a dungeon alongside Lucian, begin an incredible undertaking to not only clear Lucian’s name, but to save human worlds as well as the heavenly.
Lucian- Dark God’s Homecoming is an epic novel chronicling the adventure of a God the worlds think is evil and his quest to clear his name.
This was a good, fun read that held my attention and never seemed to drag. I was actually saddened to see it end. There was something for every type of sci-fi fan here. All in all I have nothing bad to say about this one at all. Seriously one of my favorite books out of forty or so I’ve read in the past year. I’m sure others could find fault with it if they wanted too, but I could not. I thought it was just right. Good work Van. I enjoyed it quite a bit. 5 stars

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