Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mystery Mission

I've been given an assignment to test ride a brand new from the ground up motorcycle that will remain nameless here, suffice to say riding up to the spot where the test ride will take place was seamless as was expected. Of course I arrived ten minutes AFTER the press intro began, but ran in as they were phoning me, my jacket still on my back, and my FJR still sitting at the curb in front of the ultra luxurious hotel this is all being held at. After a very nice technical overview I was taklen out to dinner at a very fancy restaurant, quite possibly the fanciest meal I've ever eaten. Wine was served, as was fliet mingon, and finally a homemade vanilla ice cream over homemade apple pie.

So far I'm over whelmed. More tomorrow...
Because Tomorrow, we ride!!!


  1. Bring some of that ice cream home!

  2. Boy these ***** people like to eat, and eat well! We had a lunch in some uber fancy hotel I think the Woodstock inn, now tonight we ate at a place called 'Chef Claudes' in Killington. I have to say ***** really know how to treat you right!